The Hatch Belt Reviews: Scam or Legit?



I had back pain for a long time, and it made everything hard. Even simple tasks were difficult, and I couldn’t do the things I used to enjoy. I felt frustrated and hopeless.

One day, I saw a story on social media from someone who had back pain like mine but found relief with The Hatch Belt. I was skeptical but desperate, so I did some research.

After looking into it, I thought it might help. The Hatch Belt uses heat, massage, and red light therapy to provide relief. It sounded almost too good to be true, but I decided to give it a try.

I ordered it and eagerly waited for it to arrive. When it did, I followed the simple instructions, put on the belt, and turned it on.

Within a few minutes, I could feel the warmth and gentle massage easing my back pain. It was a relief I had been hoping for. Over the next few weeks, I used The Hatch Belt every day, and it gradually helped relieve my back pain.

What is The Hatch Belt?

The Hatch Belt is a wearable device that eases back pain by combining three effective therapies: heat therapy, red light therapy, and massage therapy.

These therapies aim to reduce inflammation, promote cell regeneration, soothe sore muscles, and target the source of back discomfort.

The Hatch Belt

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How Does It Work?

The Hatch Belt uses three key therapies to work its magic: thermotherapy, massage therapy, and red light therapy. Here’s a simple breakdown of how each part helps:

  1. Thermotherapy: The built-in heating plates emit adjustable heat, ranging from a gentle 45°C to a deeper 65°C. This heat boosts blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and eases pain and stiffness in your back.

  2. Massage Therapy: The Hatch Belt has strong motors offering three massage modes. These massages relieve muscle tension, providing a soothing sensation. You can adjust the massage intensity to suit your comfort.

  3. Red Light Therapy: Red light therapy promotes tissue healing and reduces inflammation. The Hatch Belt combines this therapy with the others, creating a comprehensive solution for back pain.

The Hatch Belt

How to Use The Hatch Belt

Here’s how I use the Hatch Belt:

  1. Put It On: Wrap The Hatch Belt around your back, and use the extra straps to adjust it for a snug fit. This ensures maximum comfort and security.

  2. Power Up: Turn on The Hatch Belt by pressing and holding the power button. The touchscreen interface will light up, ready for your commands. It’s easy to do, and I liked how straightforward it was.

  3. Customize Your Therapy: The Hatch Belt allows you to tailor your experience. You can choose from three heating modes (low, medium, high) and three massage modes. Adjust the temperature between 45°C and 65°C to find your ideal level of warmth. You can also change the massage intensity to suit your preferences.

The Hatch Belt

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The Hatch Belt – Before and After Results

Before using The Hatch Belt, I endured relentless back pain that hindered my daily life. Simple tasks were agonizing, and despair loomed over me.

However, after three months of faithful use, my life has transformed. The Hatch Belt’s triple therapy approach, with its thermotherapy, massage therapy, and red light therapy, has been a game-changer. My pain has significantly diminished, allowing me to perform daily tasks with ease.

The once-elusive joy of my favorite activities has returned, and my frustration has turned into relief and hope. Thanks to The Hatch Belt, I’ve reclaimed my life from the clutches of chronic back pain.

The Hatch Belt

What I Like

Now, let’s delve into the advantages that I have personally experienced while using The Hatch Belt:

1. Quality Construction

The belt is made from durable and comfortable materials. I found it to be both comfortable to wear and effective in providing thermal insulation.

2. Tailored Fit

The additional straps make it easy to adjust the belt to your specific body size, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. This personalization was a significant plus for me.

3. Triple therapy for comprehensive relief

The combination of thermotherapy, massage therapy, and red light therapy offers comprehensive relief. This holistic approach makes it stand out from other back support products.

4. Portable and Cordless

The Hatch Belt comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, making it convenient to use anywhere without the hassle of cords. I appreciated the freedom to move around while using it.

5. Versatile for multiple body parts

While it’s designed primarily for back pain relief, I discovered that The Hatch Belt is effective for various other body parts as well. It’s a versatile solution that can target pain and discomfort in multiple areas.

What I Don’t Like

While The Hatch Belt offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to consider its limitations as well. Here are some potential drawbacks:

1. High price

The Hatch Belt is an investment, and some may find the initial cost to be on the higher side. However, considering the long-term benefits it offers, I believe it’s worth the investment in my well-being.

2. Battery life may require frequent recharging

The device’s battery life, while decent, may require frequent recharging for those who use it intensively. It’s important to plan for recharging sessions to avoid interruptions in your therapy routine.

3. Not Covered by Insurance

Unfortunately, The Hatch Belt falls under the category of alternative treatments for most conditions, which means it’s not covered by insurance. This could be a drawback for individuals seeking financial assistance for their pain management.

4. Results may vary among individuals

As with any pain relief method, individual results may vary. While I experienced significant improvements, it’s important to note that The Hatch Belt may not provide the same level of relief for everyone.

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Is The Hatch Belt a Scam or Legit?

Hatch Belt is not a scam. It’s backed by science, has positive user feedback, and comes with a Results Guarantee, making it a legitimate and effective solution.

My personal experience with The Hatch Belt has been very positive and life-changing.


1. How long does it take to feel The Hatch Belt’s effects?

The time it takes to feel The Hatch Belt’s effects can vary. Personally, I experienced reduced back pain within the first week of using it regularly. However, results may differ depending on your condition and consistency of use.

2. Is The Hatch Belt suitable for all ages?

While generally suitable for adults of all ages, consult a healthcare professional if you have medical concerns. Prioritize safety and comfort.

3. Can The Hatch Belt be used for conditions other than back pain?

Yes, it’s versatile and effective for various body parts. I found it helped with shoulder and lower back discomfort. Follow the instructions for proper use.

4. Is The Hatch Belt safe for prolonged use?

It’s designed with safety features for prolonged use. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for a safe experience.

5. Can I wear The Hatch Belt under clothing?

Yes, it’s discreet and comfortable under clothing, allowing you to use it during daily activities without inconvenience.

6. Does The Hatch Belt require maintenance or cleaning?

It’s low maintenance. Wipe it down with a damp cloth after use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging and storage to maintain its longevity.

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The Hatch Belt Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 84 reviews)
Very good11%

Great back massage heating pad

January 30, 2024

I like that the Hatch Belt is potable and has various types of massages. I absolutely love that I invested in this product. Thank you!!

Avatar for Runjhun Bains
Runjhun Bains

Love !

January 26, 2024

I was hesitant to buy Hatch Belt but so glad I did! I will probably buy a back up battery like someone suggested.

Avatar for Mallie Douglas
Mallie Douglas

Gift for a friend

January 25, 2024

My friend loves this and uses at work as she is on her feet all day.

Avatar for Radhika Banik
Radhika Banik

Back pain relief

January 24, 2024

Pretty strong heat even on the lowest setting DO NOT PUT ON BARE SKIN! Massage setting is quite loud but this belt is so great my husband makes fun of me because as soon as I got it I’ve been wearing it around my house on my days off.

Avatar for Armand West
Armand West

Comes with an extension that is extremely handy

January 24, 2024

Hatch Belt was a great addition to my medical needs. It is portable and fits larger people.

Avatar for Bria Hintz
Bria Hintz

Massage belt

January 23, 2024

Easy to charge. Heat and or massage . Large capacity. Can fit large tummies/backs

Avatar for Ragini Varghese
Ragini Varghese

Great back brace !

January 19, 2024

I bought several back braces over the years. I have to say this is the best one I have found. I am speaking just from the support aspect. I tried using the heat pad and have to say I never actually felt any warmth. Since that was just a nice to have feature for me it doesn’t really bother me.

Avatar for P Brac
P Brac

Good product

January 18, 2024

Bought this as a gift for my mother who has arthritis and sciatic pain. She says she really likes it and wears it daily. Recommend

Avatar for KingDev

Works well

January 18, 2024

This is super easy to use and fasten around me for my lower back pain. I like that I can be portable with this too.

Avatar for Kianna Oberbrunner
Kianna Oberbrunner

I figured out how to turn it on. Hold down the heat button for 10 seconds first

January 15, 2024

I was having issues getting this thing to turn on but I finally figured it out. If you hold down the button after you plug it in for like 10 seconds it turns on without an issue.Overall I really love this. I wish it lasted longer. I have a herniated disc and this helps a lot in the morning and when I go to bed. It only lasts about 40 minutes when using both heat and massage but it has saved my back a lot.You can actually plug it in directly to a USBc cord to the wall but the unit gets hot and it makes me a little nervous.Overall this is great since I can wear it around the house!

Avatar for Annette Parisian
Annette Parisian


January 14, 2024

Hatch Belt is so amazing! Keeps you nice and warm if it’s cold out

Avatar for Freeman Gulgowski
Freeman Gulgowski


January 6, 2024

Great for my bad back. I find heat helps. Battery lasts all evening.

Avatar for Garrick Larkin
Garrick Larkin

Strong and durable

January 6, 2024

I use Hatch Belt multiple times everyday it’s like a dream love it

Avatar for Samson Kyambadde
Samson Kyambadde

Offers Great Support and Pain Relief

January 5, 2024

I Love this back brace with heat. The battery is rechargeable which allows me to move around when I use it with heat. At the highest temperature, I can feel the heat through my clothing. I hope this helps.

Avatar for James

Feels great

January 4, 2024

Comfortable, well-fitting back brace. Adjustable and can fit many sizes. Heat is relaxing and offers great relief from anyone suffering with back pain. I used this several times a little lower than my lower back for hip pain and it worked well for that, too, but ended up giving it to my dad when his sciatica flared up and he said it helped him a ton. The brace offers good compression while the heat works on the pain. Highly recommended.

Avatar for Kathryn


January 4, 2024

The hatch belt is removable and it works as an excellent brace

Avatar for floey

Back heater

January 4, 2024

I love Hatch Belt . Perfect for driving and keeps you warm

Avatar for Valentin Langworth
Valentin Langworth

It's good on your back

January 3, 2024

Comes in 2 sizes small to medium and large to extra large but it’s adjustable

Avatar for Damien Thomas
Damien Thomas

Back brace

January 3, 2024

Really like this brace. The heat and massage work just like described. Definitely recommend for anyone with back issues.

Avatar for Layne Cole
Layne Cole

I'm in heaven

December 30, 2023

8 weeks ago I had surgery on my lower back. I bought this portable heat vibrating back belt so that I can use it at work. Ordered it last night, got it next day, and I’m loving it. The battery pack came charged up and ready to go.

Avatar for Nicolas Rwabyoma
Nicolas Rwabyoma

Does exactly what it says

December 27, 2023

Heat and massage very effective for back painEasy to use and good that it’s cordless so can be taken anywhere when fully charged

Avatar for Summer Abbott
Summer Abbott

Loves it!

December 27, 2023

Bought this for my husband broke 4 ribs and this helps and he can move around while using it. Plus bonus you can charge your phone the the battery pak when not using the belt

Avatar for Harrison Thompson
Harrison Thompson

Buy multiples!

December 26, 2023

I bought Hatch Belt for my daughter for Christmas bc she has neck & back pain. It works great! She discovered the hand warmer feature, now everyone wants one.

Avatar for Kalpit Dhar
Kalpit Dhar

Great product

December 26, 2023

Good muscle pain relief. Works great and easy to use

Avatar for Cameron Wright
Cameron Wright

Works good

December 21, 2023

The hatch belt has become part of my daily routine.. I was skeptical at first but after my first day of wearing it I fell in love. It doesn’t make all my pain completely go away but it helps me through my work day and daily tasks.

Avatar for LaShun Potts
LaShun Potts


December 21, 2023

I love Hatch Belt. Not only does it heat, but also massages my back when I need it the most. I love the versatility of not needing to plug in all the time. The battery pack lasts a long time. I will also order the charge adapter for my car when I take long trips I can just plug into my 12v port and not have to worry about the batter going dead. Helped my back a lot! I would recommend anyone who has back soreness get this product.

Avatar for Jolayemi Ebubechukwu
Jolayemi Ebubechukwu

You are no longer tethered to the wall! I am free to roam

December 18, 2023

WOW…I am free to roam! This heating pad has a rechargeable power pack which is included, not all cordless heating pads include a power pack. I have wide spread arthritis and heating pads are my relief, and this pad has 3 levels of heat. The fabric is soft and comfortable. I can’t say enough good things about this heating pad but my favorite feature is the freedom it allows. Recommend

Avatar for Chelsea DuBuque
Chelsea DuBuque

Love This!!!

December 17, 2023

I love Hatch Belt so much! I suffer from terrible menstrual cramps in my pelvis and my butt so this is a life saver. I also like that it has a removable battery pack that you can take out and charge with a USB c cable. This was worth the $40!

Avatar for Ifunanya Maryjane
Ifunanya Maryjane

Fits perfectly

December 15, 2023

Hatch Belt is great and very relaxing. It is made out of good soft thick material. Fits perfectly around my waist without falling off or being to tight. great price and nice settings that feel great

Avatar for Wale Latifat
Wale Latifat

Wonderful for back pain

December 15, 2023

I have a chronic low back issue that flares up every once in a while. I have used heating pads generally and they help. However, I am stuck then in bed or the couch tethered by the electric cord. Hatch Belt, having its own power, allows me to get up and move around. Being able to move around is also good for the back pain so this has been great.

Avatar for Adegoke Habeeb
Adegoke Habeeb

Best Back Heating Pad/Massager EVER!!!!! (I have too many to count!)

December 14, 2023

I have 5 affected discs in my lower back and have extreme pain at times that is unbearable. I have a box of back braces, heating pads, etc but THIS is soooooooooo amazing. I can get rid of all the rest! this feels so fantastic like you have just seen a masseuse!!! I absolutely love it!!!!

Avatar for Jack Manne
Jack Manne

Very good product

December 11, 2023

It is a very good product. The battery life is also good

Avatar for Francesca Hughes
Francesca Hughes

if not for you then somebody else.

December 3, 2023

Did everything it said it would do. a little heavy . but worth it. makes for a great Christmas gift.

Avatar for Abisola Tamunoemi
Abisola Tamunoemi

Exactly as described

November 29, 2023

Arrived on time and is exactly as described. Perfect for my daughter who works as a loader.

Avatar for SusieQ

Worth every penny

November 28, 2023

Amazing absolutely helps to relieve pain easy to use . Worth every penny.

Avatar for Logan Hall
Logan Hall


November 26, 2023

I use it only for my back. Gets warm enough, stays warm for hours. Not uncomfortable.

Avatar for Aminat Nojeem
Aminat Nojeem

Gets hot af on high

November 24, 2023

Works great. Only problem with me is the battery location. The outer straps to make the belt tighter go over it and jams u on the side. I put the belt on 1st adjust it then put the battery n. The battery sticks out half ways but the hold down strap long enough to hold so won’t fall out. The battery power lasts a long f in time

Avatar for Jason Scholtz
Jason Scholtz

Comfortable to wear

November 15, 2023

Now that winter is just around the corner, this heating pad is going to be use a lot. I sit a lot in front of my computer and have often suffer from minor back pains from being still for too long at a time. This heating pad is great for relieving my back pains.I love that I can also wear this and move around the house! The flexibility of being able to do that is priceless. I don’t like those that you have to be stationed in one spot.Cordless with bright touch-screen, adjustable temperature and vibration modes are what I love about this heating pad. I like the 30 minutes auto-shut off, especially when I doze off on the couch while I have this on.Don’t fear if you lose or gain weight because this is adjustable from 19-45 inches.The fabric feels soft but also durable. I think the current price (at the time of writing this review) of $58.99 is reasonable for what it offers.This will make a great gift for any special occasions, especially now that the weather is a lot cooler. Highly recommended.

Avatar for Nick Lawrence
Nick Lawrence

Heating Pad for Back Pain

November 14, 2023

A few years ago I broke my back skydiving so I’ve learned all the tricks for avoiding hurting it but I knew sooner or later this heating pad would come in handy so I had it charged up and ready to go. This was the week-end when I had to move large houseplants inside to avoid the frost. Yep, that did it.The belt is long enough to fit lower on my hips so the heat was in the perfect place. The inside is lined in a comfy velour-like fabric. It is easy to fasten. The controls are simple..hold button down for three seconds. The lights show clearly when the belt is on and heat setting. The pockets on the front are perfect for arthritic hands and keeping that necessary kleenex handy. No cord tether so if you have to walk around, no un-plugging. Perfect!

Avatar for Karlie Johnson
Karlie Johnson

LOVE! options for battery or power! Portable

November 10, 2023

The heat is great, got pretty hot on red, had to turn it down! Love this wrap! So many options! I can use battery for portability or plug in! Also it has an option for belly or back or both! Plus the belly has a nice hand warmer lined front pouch, how awesome! great add! Recommend!

Avatar for Paxton Dibbert
Paxton Dibbert

nice warm belt

November 9, 2023

it comes handy and keep my belly and lower back warm in this winter.

Avatar for Violet Jenkins
Violet Jenkins

A must for someone with sensitive gut issues.

November 9, 2023

 I often suffer from diarrhea especially if I eat something cold, which I like.Keeping my belly warm helps a lot with such issues, and I usually put a heating pad over my belly after I eat, which works fine when you work at home. But at the office, it is a bit inconvenient, so I thought this is just perfect.First, I liked that this can be used by both corded and cordless.Second, heating functions for belly and back can be separately operated as I usually only want to keep my belly warm.Third, it’s easy to set the temperature of 3 levels. But make sure you do wear it over clothes.The quality of material seems quite decent, especially the front part where you can put your hands in if that’s something you like.I got the medium size (and would have loved the small size), and felt comfortable. FYI, I usually wear XS or X for almost all brands.Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this pad as it’s something I truly need for my abs.If you have a sensitive stomach and gut like I do, try to keep them warm to improve the overall quality of your life. I think it’s fairly priced !

Avatar for Akunna Miracle
Akunna Miracle

Works, portable, fits well

November 6, 2023

Like the brand, style, fit. How it has a portable battery and could be directly plugged in. Also updated settings. Gave others to friends and family

Avatar for Brenna Hayes
Brenna Hayes

Great heating!

November 5, 2023

Ordered this for the portability and heat, of which I give it 5 super stars. This checks all the boxes and is much easier to keep in the right spot compared to a traditional heating pad. The first time I enjoyed the massage portion of this I wasn’t a fan but it definitely grew on me. You only get an hour or two when using everything at max and it has a 30 min auto off timer for safety.

Avatar for Zita Langworth
Zita Langworth

Relaxing & Pain Relieving

November 4, 2023

 Feels great on the back, size is adjustable and works for both myself and husband. Supportive and portable, can wear while working around the house. Takes time to heat up but feels nice. Able to wear with high heat and massage for about an hour before needing to recharge. Took about 3 hours to recharge. The brace portion is removable and supportive. We like it and would purchase it again. Great for back pain and cramps!

Avatar for Ifeoma Isokun
Ifeoma Isokun

This works so well!!

November 3, 2023

Hatch Belt works really well to help ease back pain or cramps. It allows you to select the type of heat that you want for stomach or back. It can be plugged up and used immediately because it heats quickly. However, it’s recommended that you allow the battery to charge for four hours. It fits comfortably around a pregnant woman to ease lower back pain. It has nice quality durable material the inside is very soft. Highly recommended

Avatar for Megha Bava
Megha Bava

Great heating pad for the waist

November 2, 2023

The heating pad wraps around the waist very easily and straps down comfortably. The effects of the unit is one sided only so depending on how it’s wrapped around will be where the heat is. When I started it up, the vibration and heat were immediately noticeable and I was quite impressed with the results. It was soothing and just having something warm your body while massaging it with vibrations is a great combo. The only con I could see is that it’s one sided so you can’t have this effect on the front and back simultaneously. On the highest heat, it’s nice and warm and definitely a lot more noticeable when placed directly on the skin instead of over a tshirt. It’s also a huge benefit having this unit completely wire-free as I could walk around with it on and not plugged in all the time.

Avatar for Augustus Boehm
Augustus Boehm

Love that it is cordless.

October 27, 2023

I am using Hatch Belt on my lower back. I really like that this is cordless and I am no longer attached to the wall by an electric plug. I am able to move around the house while using this heating pad. The pad is easy to use and the 3 different heat settings a great. If it gets to hot on my back, I can just reduce the heat. The material and Velcro back seems to well made. The battery was easy to charge. Overall, I am happy with this cordless heating pad.

Avatar for Mark King
Mark King

Great heating pad!

October 26, 2023

This heating pad is so easy to use and versatile that I find myself wearing it even when I don’t need it. You can charge the battery pack using USB and then fully addressed the temperature and massaging. The fabric is soft and liner is neoprene. It holds its charge well apnd I can put it exactly where I need it.

Avatar for Omawunmi Ismail
Omawunmi Ismail

Comfortable Adjustable Infrared Wonderful

October 26, 2023

I am skeptical about heating belts, however I am obsessed with this one! The material feels like butter. It’s cordless and the digital pad attached to the front is so easy to use with 3 different levels. I am 5’7″ and weigh 167 lbs, there are attached straps that velcro around to the front for easy adjusting to and size. I will say this can get warm! go if your wanting to use for waist loss I mean you can. I have noticed a difference as I sweat when using this on high along with the infrared. I have extreme lower back pain and this does the trick. I also have RSV in my legs and I wrap this around my thigh and use the vibration massage mode, Wonderful! So you have heating or vibration modes, or both with adjustable levels. Also has thermal protection with mesh on the inside, I highly highly recommend this ! Hope this was helpful, thank you !

Avatar for Irene Grobbelaar
Irene Grobbelaar

Back Brace with or without Heat and/or Massage

October 26, 2023

I really like this back brace belt, it is so comfortable to wear that I could wear it all of the time! I have much better posture when wearing it, and wearing it reminds me to lift in a way that will not hurt my back.I love that it also has heat and massage options. There are three different levels of massage and three levels of heat. You can also choose not to have heat and not to have massage or use any combination.Once you choose what you want you can touch the power button and it will lock your selections in place so that you do not accidentally change them. When locked the padlock is a red color. If you decide you want to change it you can touch the power button again and the padlock light will turn green and you can change heat and massage options.It is so nice that the belt is cordless and rechargeable so that you can wear it while you are walking around.I like that the back brace can be laid across shoulders, knees, or any other painful areas to apply heat and/or massage.To turn it on and to turn it off, long press the power button.

Avatar for Bankole Opeyemi
Bankole Opeyemi

Multiple levels of heat and massage

October 22, 2023

Hatch Belt fits comfortably around my midsection. It also has extenders for people who may be larger. It charges easily and comes with its own charging cord but does not come with the charging brick. It arrives already charged so you can start using it immediately.It has three levels of heat. The picture at 57°C is at the highest level. It has three different massage modes. The massager is really just a vibration. The combination of the heat and the vibration really does soothe aching muscles.The material is a polyester. It is a little knobby, like velvet, but not quite as soft as velvet.

Avatar for Carlo Crooks
Carlo Crooks

Nice fit for smaller waists

October 22, 2023

Hatch Belt is recommended. I have a smaller waist and this brace fits around my waist well and there is less excess material wrapped around compared to other similar products. The hook and loop closure makes it quick to adjust. Heating and Massage features has 3 levels. The instruction fold-out included provided clear instructions with photos. There’s no mention of heat levels but it’s shown on the product listing Low: 45C/113F, Mid: 44C/131F and High 65C/149F. Worn above my shirt, the highest temperature setting got a little warm. Vibrating massage levels seemed same to me with slight differences. Overall like the product.

Avatar for Oren Schowalter
Oren Schowalter

Satisfied !!

October 21, 2023

Nice product . Battery life could be a little longer. We run it in high heat, front and back at the same time and it last about 2.5 hours . Bought the small size and it wraps around a female size 0 but also fits a size 8. However if you are a size 8, I’d go up to at least a medium/large size for a better fit. The material is super soft !! Love the hand pocket !! The front heater gets much warmer than the back so we turn it around when needing more back relief. My daughter uses when she is in her desk at college classes . She also wears it in the car. You can plug up to regular outlet for home use and save the battery. I definitely recommend this product !

Avatar for Mike Williamson
Mike Williamson

Infared heating with massage

October 21, 2023

 I like this heating pad. It has three heating settings and three vibration settings. The maximum heat setting goes to 50 C, which is 123 F. At least that is what the machine told me. In reality, it feels more like 90 F. The vibration feels nice. Each of the vibration settings have different vibration patterns, the settings aren’t really more or less intense. This belt feels nice and my back feels better after wearing it.

Avatar for Eddie Hickle
Eddie Hickle


October 21, 2023

This thing may have just changed my life! I live in pain every day due to a lower-back injury, and the heat in conjunction with the massage function makes things like driving my car a lot less painful. I can’t recommend this product enough!

Avatar for Zachary Strosin
Zachary Strosin

Nice quality

October 19, 2023

My husband and I both have back soreness so we tried the heated back brace. I like that it fit both of us and stayed in place. It heated up quickly and was easy to operate with the controls on the back brace. We both liked how it worked.

Avatar for Gajendra Gulati
Gajendra Gulati


October 19, 2023

This heat belt is AMAZING! It has different 3 heat settings, 3 different massage settings and it is size adjustable! This is a must have for anyone that has back pain!

Avatar for Kiel Abbott
Kiel Abbott

really nice quality portable heated belt!

October 18, 2023

From the pictures I wasn’t sure if this needed to be plugged in or if it has a rechargeable built in battery. I was excited to find that it does indeed have a built in battery so you can use it in a true cordless fashion. It’s usb c rechargeable and I charged it once before using it.The belt itself is really soft, has two sets of velcros that are really good quality and it even comes with a full width belt extension in case it doesn’t fit. I am around 32″ and it fit me perfectly well. When worn, on the front is the control box that has 1 power button and 2 touch sensitive buttons which work perfectly (I did not notice any non responsive or slow behavior). Holding the power button for a few seconds turns it on and off and once on pressing the power button locks/unlocks the touch buttons so you don’t accidentally press them. Each touch button has 3 led indicators for different levels / modes of heating and massage/vibration. For heating each indicator represent a different intensity whereas for massage I found it to be different patterns vs different intensities (manual says otherwise).For the lower back I was mostly looking for a portable heated belt and the massage / vibration was something I was indifferent. However, it is not a typical kind of vibration – it has more rumble and actually feels good. As far as heating goes, it’s really impressive! First the display next to the touch button reads the current temperature of the belt (though in celsius :/ ) which is really nice. You can see if it heating up and then regulating the temperature. It does not take that long to heat up and it gets hot enough. I really enjoy relaxing with it. Since it is not plugged in it’s easy to move around while using it or even use it outdoors. I can see it being useful in cold weather as well.When worn and with the right strap adjustment the belt even without heat or massage does provide really great support. It does have some rigid parts on the back so it’s great for even some extra support.The only negative I can think of which I guess is the price for being portable is that it appears to be using a proprietary battery and once that goes bad the whole belt will be obsolete. But even in that case it will last years and while I haven’t tinkered with it yet I would hope that it’s using some kind of standard lithium ion batteries inside. In that case it’ll be really nice!Overall, I really like this. I intend to use it on and off to relax and when it gets colder I will use under my winter coat / jackets. Would make a great gift as well!

Avatar for Bryon Toy
Bryon Toy

Great for chronic pain

October 11, 2023

The compression was very helpful with chronic pain and the battery life is great!

Avatar for Melisa Ijaga
Melisa Ijaga

Love this

September 27, 2023

I got Hatch Belt for my lower back. I love how the straps actually support your back and they can be easily adjusted to fit your waist. I love that it also comes with a vibration setting as well which is great with the warming pad turned on. I definitely found it helping me and recommend it for that.

Avatar for Efe Adeyemo
Efe Adeyemo


September 18, 2023

Hatch Belt exceeded my expectation and then some! It truly has everything you want if you have back pain- structure, heat, and massage. The item comes nicely package with everything you need. The main velcro strap as well as the 2 side velcro straps really does help support your back and the massage in one. It makes it feel more comfortable when your moving around.The fact that this product can be used and not have to be plugged in has to be a key feature. You charge up the battery pack and your good to go. Nice to wear during activities where your back might flare up with pain or stress. The colour changing mode is also nice and versatile- can have two different levels going at the same time [ RED- Hottest temp & GREEN- Lowest speed of massage] as well as only running one feature at a time. This truly is very customizable to each person. Would highly recommend, your back will thank you!

Avatar for Jonathan Bekker
Jonathan Bekker

Fantastic product!

September 13, 2023

I like the over all design of Hatch Belt. For me it is more of a wrap used for heat and massage verses something that is actually used as a back brace for back support. But to be honest I got it more for the massage and heat and the fact that it can be used without being plugged in.This is a great device to help alleviate aches and pains int he lower back or abdomen area. It wraps around well with plenty of room/space to tighten it to a good fit without being uncomfortable. The materials used are great, well made, sturdy and should last for years. I like the additional straps to help keep it in place well even after it is already Velcroed together.The battery can be removed and charged up and then connected to the belt making it able to be used freely for walking around, doing things around the house or just longing around. No cords need to be constantly plugged in for this to work.Both the heat and the vibration buttons have 3 modes each. You can use just heat, just vibration or any combination of the two.This is very comfortable to use and wear even for long periods of time, I like it and have used it quite a bit since it arrived. I have had no issues with the product so far. Very happy with it.

Avatar for Ebiere Jimoh
Ebiere Jimoh

Get it for both pain & comfort

August 28, 2023

I have tried too many of these kinds of products to mention- this one is unbelievable!The power of the vibration is excellent, the heat is great- both consistent.What is wonderful is the battery life. I love it being wireless & rechargeable. In an effort to test the battery duration- I ran the vibration and heat settings for 2 hours withNO issues!! I could not believe how well it performed. A must-buy to relieve lower back pain or comfort.

Avatar for Shalewa Akeem-omosanya
Shalewa Akeem-omosanya


August 22, 2023

This came at the perfect time my lower back has been acting up. Let Mr start be saying there are three benefits to this belt. It gives you the extra support for the lower back but then you can use the heat or massage , or all three of the functions st once. The heat is almost instantly felt as well as the massage. You have endless options to choose from . I’m quite surprised at the massage function, I can actually feel it and get quite a bit of relief. At the time of ordering it , it was $99.99 with a $ 26 dollar coupon being applied at checkout. With that being said it makes it a really reasonable option to have in your arsenal. I hope this helps in your decision making

Avatar for Lewis Mukalazi
Lewis Mukalazi

Cordless, Portable, Back Brace Heating Pad & Massage

August 21, 2023

 I am thrilled to have this awesome, purposeful, Back Brace, especially because now I will be able to prevent and also ease some pain and be portable, because this is cordless and includes chargeable parts. Beyond that, now, I will have three options of using a back brace + heating pad + massager. Each area was obviously created with excellent eye to detail and highest quality, using best materials for each purpose with additional options to choose from. The outside is made of tough, sturdy materials with strong, elastic, velcro adjustable straps and secure attachment compartments. Each use/purpose meets a high standard for back braces, heating pads, and back massagers. On the reverse, on the inside, the lining is made of softest, plush, cozy material. You can’t go wrong with this one for sure! I will be enjoying mine often.

Avatar for Ralph Yundt
Ralph Yundt

A simple to use heated back brace that provides heat and vibration

August 17, 2023

Here is a nice back brace that provides a few extras to help with lower back support. The belt itself is made of a sturdy neoprene material, which has enough stiffness to be supportive. The two adjustable straps (located on both sides) provides infinite adjustment to allow for a comfortable fit, even for longer durations. Keep in mind that this is not intended for vigorous work or workouts – I highly recommend you use a proper workout or lifting belt for those applications. This is more for a casual brace to help with stubborn back issues or stiffness and you need a brace to get you through the day.Added bonus: This brace has a built in heat pad and vibration to help sooth sore back pain. The brace comes with a portable battery pack, similar to those you would use for phones. Simply plug in the brace and you have access to a heating pad and a vibration mode to give you added relief. The battery can be stored in your pocket or in a separate hip sack – I think it would have been cool if the brace had a built in pocket to hold the battery.Overall, it feels pretty good and the heat settings are comforting, but nothing deep heat. The vibration, though interesting isn’t as effective as a TENS unit, but it is there for another level of comfort.Overall, a nice back brace that keeps up the support and provides both heat and vibration for extra relief.This belt also provided

Avatar for Jayshree Lanka
Jayshree Lanka

You don't realize how much you need it until you use it

August 17, 2023

Can use vibration or heat or both at the same time. Both vibration and heat have “high/medium/low” settings by “red/blue/green” color on the lights. Battery pack and come out and charge separately. Then put back in the pouch. Battery pack also has 2 USB output so you could charge your phone while being massaged.Super effective on relaxing your lower back. after just 5 minutes I feel less tense in the back. Didn’t even realize how much I needed it.

Avatar for Lila Jakubowski
Lila Jakubowski

Back pain reliever

August 8, 2023

The battery per charge lasted me approximately 6-8 hrs (?), in several uses. My chronic lower back pain appreciates this so much, I think I have found Christmas gift for my mom!

Avatar for Chameli Thakkar
Chameli Thakkar

massing heating pad belt

July 24, 2023

 This cordless wrap around USB charging heating pad belt is what I have been waiting and looking for ! It is really easy and comfortable to use .The power button is on the side . Then there is a vibrating button as well on the power bank looking device that is securely attached to the heating pad belt . The vibrating button has 3 different settings to choose from . There is also 3 different heating temperatures to choose from . The temperature is read in Celsius . Low heat setting is 44-45 C, medium heat 53-56 C it moves between those temperatures constantly so it isn’t too hot for too long. High heat 57-59 C , which is way too hot for me .The heating pad belt is adjustable so it can fit different sized people comfortably . As you can see in the video the main heat source is in the very middle of the back of the belt; however, I can feel the heat all over not as intense but enough that it does make the whole area that is covered warm .On the sides of the heating pad belt there are built in metal feeling braces for the back as well . I personally don’t care for them but for others I can see how it can help give support .When I received the heating belt it was already at 46% charged when I plugged the USB charging cord . I did not time how long it took to charge but looked at it an hour later and it said 100 .I highly recommend this heating pad belt for anyone who has bad lower back pain , menstrual cramps ( it’s easier to just put it where it is needed and not always use it as a belt ), and upper back pain .

Avatar for Garry Jaskolski
Garry Jaskolski

I Refuse to live without it!

July 19, 2023

I absolutely love Hatch Belt. I had an S1-L4 spinal fusion 8/4/22 and I’m still suffering with extreme pain. I wear this daily and cannot work without it. Battery lasts 4 hrs and takes 4 hrs to charge. I advise purchasing an extra battery. They are $29 and some change. I thank God for this heated cordless back brace💯

Avatar for Rajesh Banik
Rajesh Banik

Heated back brace.

July 17, 2023

I really like Hatch Belt it is easy to use and very comfortable and the pain relief is perfect. Love this very much worth the value of money.

Avatar for Kalpit Tara
Kalpit Tara

Love it.

July 1, 2023

I am very pleased with this Hatch Belt. In fact, I really wish that I had found it sooner. For the greater part of my adult life, I have suffered from different kinds of back pain. There have been many times where I have woke up in the middle of the night because of it, and searched for some kind of relief so that I could go back to sleep. This is exactly what I was hoping to find on those times in the middle of the night. It is a very simple design, similar to your average back support belt…but it incorporates both gentle massage and heat. Both of which are invaluable when inflammation kicks in. It is simple to use, and it is portable. It has a battery that can be charged up via a standard USB-C connection. It is lightweight which makes it easy to travel with. I love it.

Avatar for Samir Dar
Samir Dar

Works really well

May 30, 2023

Works really well and had a longer battery life than any other portable heat pad I’ve used! The material is a little stiff but I still prefer the longer battery life!

Avatar for Tanya Stevens
Tanya Stevens

Life saver!

April 22, 2023

Great for back pain or cycle cramps, even took it to a baseball game to keep hands warm. On high lasts about 1.5 hrs. Love it

Avatar for Govind Thakur
Govind Thakur


April 22, 2023

I live in Hatch Belt. Great if you have back and stomach pain.

Avatar for Jevon Batz
Jevon Batz

EAsy to use

March 15, 2023

It gets warm, with choice of front / back,Battery lasts pretty long time and it is warm and cozy

Avatar for Opal Turcotte
Opal Turcotte

A Must Have for your Back!

March 9, 2023

This back heater is fantastic! Super comfortable, warms up quickly, and has a battery pack so you aren’t confined to a plug. You can be free to walk around the house. I like the fact that you can warm up your lower back or your stomach. Great product!

Avatar for Chase Krajcik
Chase Krajcik

No Regrets!

February 4, 2023

Everyday my back gets a little worse. L4/L5 is bone on bone. In Oregon, cold snaps make it worse. This belt allows me some freedom of movement and will likely allow me to walk when it’s cold outside and my muscles won’t freeze up. A surprise bonus is that it’s comfortable enough to wear lying down. No more having to re-adjust the heating pad when I move. Battery life is great. It comes charged out of the box and I used it for a few hours last night and again this morning. Still doesn’t need a charge.

Avatar for Garrick Block
Garrick Block

Great Low Back & Abdomen Pain Reliever

January 22, 2023

Soft , Easy to hide under clothes and very much Portable . I was skeptical at first but it definitely gets the Job done !! It’s nice to have the Back & Front Heating . You can have Your back on High & Your stomach On Low whatever your preference is. It takes my pain Level from a 9/10 to a 4/5. I LITERALLY have this tucked in my night stand it’s a essential & must Buy !!

Avatar for Barry Rwabyoma
Barry Rwabyoma

Bought for my boyfriend and he uses it daily

January 19, 2023

He loves it, it’s been a huge homecare resource for him while he’s in physical therapy for sciatica and a back injury from 10 years ago.

Avatar for Rhianna Friesen
Rhianna Friesen

Life saver!

January 11, 2023

I had a kidney stone, which leaves your back in agony for a while, and Hatch Belt was AMAZING!! The charge doesn’t last all day, but it definitely lasts several hours. My only complaint is that I have a pretty small waist (I wear size 4 pants and a 32 bra) so it wraps ALL the way around me so to have the back heating portion actually on my back, the charging port knob sits on my back and pokes me when I lean back. I still used the heck out of it and just had to adjust myself while sitting down! For the price, I’m definitely not mad at it :)

Avatar for Bernadette Kisitu
Bernadette Kisitu

Pain Relief

January 3, 2023

This portable cordless heating pad can help reduce inflammation and painful cramps. This waist heating belt is designed to provide you with an in depth and very good heat treatment effects. If you’re looking for a hot compress to relieve discomfort and help recovery this heating pad is your ideal choice. The portable heating pad is powered by 3000MAH lithium battery, which will bring you at least 4 to 6 hours of relief. The total length is 47 inches ensuring safety and adjustment. This heated pad adapts an ergonomic shape that fits your body comfortably. It can be enjoyed by anyone of all shapes and sizes. There are heating device on the front and back. Customized personalized low, medium, or high temperature settings can easily be used on back, waist, thighs and abdomen. I have several problem area I wanted relief from. The first and most severe is my period cramping. I’m a bigger girl and the heating belt fit around my waist no problem. I have neck and lower back problems. I can put the heating pad on both areas and within 15 to 30 minute I’m experiencing relief. This is defiantly worth it. You can’t put a price on pain relief.

Avatar for Bailey Medhurst
Bailey Medhurst

So far we love this

January 1, 2023

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. So far we both love it! The cordless feature is a must for something like this. The hand pockets are lovely and it gets plenty hot on the front hand back. We are both on the slim side (he is a 29 waist and I’m a ladies 4) and the smaller size works for both of us with some space to tighten it still. We only wish there were two batteries so we could swap them out! We are moving around too much to wear it plugged in. It’s just been a week so hopefully we continue to love it.

Avatar for Estrella Maggio
Estrella Maggio


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