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Online Pain Relief Treatment

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We helped over 200 people get relief from neck pain, back pain and knee pain without visiting medical center. 


Dr. Olivia Patel has written several books to help people learn how to relieve pain. You can check them out and buy them if you're interested.

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Meet Dr. Olivia Patel - The Physical Therapist

Online consultation with Dr. Olivia Patel

Hello! I’m Dr. Olivia Patel. I’m a physical therapist and I started Heal Your Neck Pain. I’ve helped over 200 people with neck, knee, and back pain through online sessions.

I got my Bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Delaware. Then, I got my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine. So, you can trust me to help with pain relief.

Book a call with me, and I’ll help you pick the best treatment option.

Patient Testimonials

My consultation with Dr. Olivia Patel was great! Last year, I suffered from lower back pain for almost a month. After following her advice, my pain disappeared. Following her recommendation to follow up with a personal trainer, I am now not only fully recovered but have been exercising three times a week for at least a year without any pain. She has been checking in on my status ever since, and it is great to know such a wonderful, attentive, and professional resource for recovery treatment.

Ines Rios

Initially, I started the year off with an on-and-off sharp pain in my knee for about a month. It was difficult to squat even without any weights. One day, my coworker recommended Dr. Olivia Patel. It was quick and easy to set up an appointment. Dr. Olivia Patel offers effective advice in the call. Following her advice, within four weeks, I’m cleared to return to the gym and exercise with weights again. I’m so grateful for the rapid results.

Bardia Heidari

I consulted Dr. Olivia Patel for chronic pain in my shoulder blade and neck area. I’d been dealing with this for YEARS and had only found mild and temporary relief. Dr. Olivia Patel advised me to focus on daily stretching and exercises, and my pain management has improved a lot! The pain has mostly subsided and is a lot less severe. Dr. Olivia was knowledgeable, caring, and intentional. I can’t recommend her enough!

Yomi Jemibewon

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Pain Relief Consultation With Dr. Olivia Patel

I'm Dr. Olivia Patel, a physical therapist specializing in helping people with neck, back, and knee pain. Instead of resorting to invasive treatments or surgeries, I use natural and non-invasive remedies to help my clients alleviate their agonizing pain and regain the joy of living a pain-free life. If you're interested in learning about my approach, click the button below to schedule a call with me.