BluePlumule Belt Reviews: Scam or Legit?



I had chronic back pain for a long time, mainly in my lower back and hips. It made everyday tasks like sitting at my desk or taking a walk really painful. I tried different things like physiotherapy and pain relievers, but nothing worked for long.

Then, one day, I found the BluePlumule Belt online. It claimed to help with the sacroiliac joint, so I decided to give it a try. I was desperate for relief from my constant pain.

When the belt arrived, I followed the simple instructions to put it on. Once it was in place, I felt a gentle pressure on my problem area, and it gave me instant relief. It was unlike anything I had tried before.

I wore the belt every day for a few weeks, and it made a big difference. My posture got better, and I could do daily tasks more comfortably. While it didn’t completely cure my pain, it became a valuable tool in managing it.

Having used the BluePlumule Belt for 3 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is the BluePlumule Belt?

The BluePlumule Belt is designed to relieve long-lasting back pain by focusing on the sacroiliac joint (SI joint) in the lower back. It applies gentle pressure to the pelvic area to support and stabilize the SI joint, reducing pain and discomfort.

This innovative approach targets a specific area often overlooked in traditional treatments.


BluePlumule Belt

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How Does It Work?

The BluePlumule Belt stands out due to its adjustable double belt system, ensuring customized comfort and support.

When worn, it gently applies pressure to the lower pelvic area, aiding the sacroiliac joint’s alignment and providing relief.

This approach also eases pressure on lower back muscles, discs, and nerves, offering a comprehensive solution for back pain.

How to Use the BluePlumule Belt


Here’s how I use the BluePlumule Belt:

Step 1: Putting on the Belt

Wrap it around your hips, ensuring the double belt system is centered on your lower back. It’s easy to do by yourself.

Step 2: Adjusting the Straps

Fasten the adjustable straps to your desired tightness for a comfortable fit.

Step 3: Securing the Fasteners

Make sure the fasteners are well-secured to keep the belt in place without being too tight.

Step 4: Going About Your Day

Wear the belt during your daily activities, whether you’re working, exercising, or resting. It’s versatile and fits seamlessly into your routine.

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BluePlumule Belt – Before and After Results

Before I started using the BluePlumule Belt, I had constant pain in my lower back and hips that made it hard to do everyday things like sitting at my desk or going for a walk. I tried physiotherapy and pain medicine, but they didn’t help much.

But after using the BluePlumule Belt for three months, things changed for the better. While it didn’t completely get rid of my pain, it made a big difference in my life. My posture improved, and I found it easier to do daily tasks. The belt provided gentle, targeted support to my sacroiliac joint, which really helped. It’s become a crucial tool in my ongoing fight against chronic pain.

What I Like

  1. Targeted Relief: The BluePlumule Belt focuses on the sacroiliac joint, providing direct relief for SI joint pain.

  2. Customizable Pressure: You can adjust the straps for personalized comfort, suitable for different pain levels and body types.

  3. Improved Posture: Wearing the belt stabilizes the SI joint, reducing muscle tension and encouraging better posture.

  4. Instant Relief: Users often experience quick pain relief when wearing the belt, though it’s not a cure.

  5. Comfortable Design: The belt is comfortable for extended wear, with a breathable material that doesn’t cause overheating or skin irritation.

What I Don’t Like

  1. Individual Variability: Results can vary from person to person, so what works for one may not work the same way for others.

  2. Not a Cure-All: The BluePlumule Belt isn’t a solution for all types of back pain, especially complex medical issues. It’s designed to manage specific types of pain, not to cure all back problems.

Is the BluePlumule Belt a Scam or Legit?

After extensive use, research, and evaluation, I can say that the BluePlumule Belt is a legitimate product. Here’s why:

  1. It’s Science-Backed: The BluePlumule Belt’s approach to stabilizing the sacroiliac joint for back pain relief aligns with established medical knowledge, making it a scientifically sound solution.

  2. Positive User Reviews: Many users, including myself, have reported significant pain relief. Numerous testimonials echo these positive experiences, highlighting its effectiveness.

  3. Money-Back Guarantee: The company offers a money-back guarantee, demonstrating their confidence in the product’s performance and providing reassurance to potential buyers.

  4. Transparent Information: The BluePlumule Belt’s website provides clear and comprehensive information about how the product works and its benefits, a characteristic of legitimate products.

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Q1: How long should I wear the BluePlumule Belt each day?

You can wear the belt as long as it’s comfortable, but don’t push it. Many people wear it throughout the day during regular activities. If it feels uncomfortable or too tight, take short breaks to adjust and ensure your comfort.

Q2: Can I wear the BluePlumule Belt while sleeping?

Yes, you can wear it while sleeping if it helps with your pain. Many users find it reduces nighttime discomfort. Adjust the tightness to your comfort level, so it doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

Q3: Is the BluePlumule Belt a substitute for medical treatment?

No, it’s not a replacement for medical treatment. It’s meant to provide relief for specific back pain, mainly related to the sacroiliac joint. If you have other medical conditions or severe, undiagnosed pain, consult a healthcare professional.

Q4: Is the BluePlumule Belt suitable for all body types?

Yes, it’s adjustable and designed for various body types. However, if you’re unsure, consult a healthcare professional before using it.

Q5: Can it be worn discreetly under clothing?

Absolutely. It’s designed to be discreet and won’t be noticeable under clothing due to its minimalist design.

Q6: Are there any side effects?

I didn’t experience any side effects. The breathable neoprene material and adjustable design make it comfortable for extended wear. However, individual reactions may vary.

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BluePlumule Belt Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 83 reviews)
Very good8%

Great Belt

January 25, 2024

BluePlumule Belt is precisely for the lower back. Not a huge thing that leave you feeling that you’re wearing a corset.

Avatar for Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson

Good quality

December 20, 2023

This was delivered quite speedily & we are very happy with the quality of the product. Price was very good.

Avatar for Montana Rodriguez
Montana Rodriguez

This is mind-blowingly helpful

December 18, 2023

I was skeptical whether this product would help my issues or not, but it’s truly been a life-saver. I wish I had gotten one sooner.

Avatar for Lucas Lourens
Lucas Lourens

Very comfortable

December 17, 2023

We bought one of these belts for my husband and it’s really helped with his back pain when we walk. At such a great price, we bought a second one for me. I’m surprised how comfortable it is. Good product at a great price.

Avatar for Regan Rubalema
Regan Rubalema

The best

December 8, 2023

This belt really helped my back, I use it while walking and I have no back pain. I even sleep with it on, it helps my back.

Avatar for Herbert Obol
Herbert Obol

Subtle belt

December 7, 2023

It’s not bulky and it’s comfortable. I use it for my lower back problems and I like that I can I hide it under my clothes when I’m at work. Has a nice elastic adjustable strap.

Avatar for Rasheedah Ekwueme
Rasheedah Ekwueme

Provides good support and easy to use

December 7, 2023

The size fits well and is easy to use, highly recommend

Avatar for Theodore Bamwiine
Theodore Bamwiine

Great product .

December 6, 2023

This is a great product, helps me with my back , I use it when I work out or have to move heavy items.

Avatar for Daisy Allen
Daisy Allen

Easy to adjust. Great support for my lower back.

December 4, 2023

I love the way it molds to my lower back, I used it for house work.

Avatar for Jaqueline Kayemba
Jaqueline Kayemba

It works

November 21, 2023

I pulled my back moving and purchased this item and was surprised how much it helped. You just wrap the black part around your waist and Velcro it. then take the silver part, stretch and Velcro.

Avatar for Angelina Atukwase
Angelina Atukwase

The belt stays in place, does not slip or move.

November 17, 2023

Very happy with product. Suits my needs perfectly and helps me with muscle back pains. Thanks.

Avatar for Josue Nolan
Josue Nolan

so far so good

November 5, 2023

i like this one as it is wider than my previous one stays together comfortable

Avatar for Sabina Raj
Sabina Raj

Definitely works.

November 4, 2023

Definitely works.Would not recommend it for heavy work that requires a full back brace.Recommend it when not doing heavy work or for everyday back support or back pain relief.Instead of using a heavy back brace ( the type used in construction) this brace is more discreet and manageable when using lighter clothing while providing back support and relief.Happy with product and seller.Recommend it.

Avatar for Ella Hill
Ella Hill

Offers good support

October 31, 2023

A good fit as described offers good sacroiliac support while doing my bowls game

Avatar for Gary Murray
Gary Murray

Very supportive

October 30, 2023

My mom and dad both ordered this belt because they were having pain…… both feel that this made a huge difference

Avatar for Lorena Mitchell
Lorena Mitchell

Comfortable fit

October 29, 2023

My physical therapist advised me to get an SI joint belt to stabilize my hyper mobility. I am very petite and needed the belt to fit 30 inches over the pelvic bones. I am happy to say this belt works for me. It is not too bulky when wrapped securely around me and the top straps work to cinch it even more. The Velcro is strong and will adhere to the position (the user needs it for his/her size. The backside grips well and the belt stays mainly in place. It is well made. For around $15, this belt is definitely worth a try. Only time and frequent use will determine if it loses its shape/stretch and how well the Velcro will hold up. I will re-visit my review at a later date. For now, I give this belt 5 stars.

Avatar for Valentine Kirabira
Valentine Kirabira

Pain relief for real

October 25, 2023

My chiropractor recommend a belt for me and I purchased this model. I wear it all day long instantly feel the relief. I wear a long shirt over it and it conceals well under the shirt.

Avatar for Jarred Ebert
Jarred Ebert


October 19, 2023

Great belt, feels firm when wearing it, l have not had it long but l know it will make a great difference.

Avatar for Florence Muhwezi
Florence Muhwezi

Comfortable to wear

October 18, 2023

So far I have not have sciatica issues to test this belt on. But I have been testing the belt for fit and general comfort. It has been comfortable to wear for an extended time and under leisure clothing and workday clothing. I have also noticed when wearing the belt on days that I have spent long periods on my feet I have not had the back strain that I would usually suffer from.The hook and loop closing offers infinite adjustment for the perfect fit. I’m happy with this item and look forward to continued satisfaction with it.

Avatar for Navami Bhatti
Navami Bhatti

Stays Put

October 15, 2023

Tho I have 3 different SI belts, I like this one best for when I am active. It offers great support and IT STAYS IN PLACE… riding up or down!

Avatar for Rose Carter
Rose Carter


October 10, 2023

It is comfortable and it works good. The fit is thin and barely even visible through my cloths.

Avatar for Gugulethu Sibisi
Gugulethu Sibisi

Good quality; works well

October 7, 2023

BluePlumule Belt is good quality and is providing good support and pain relief

Avatar for Lauretta Feil
Lauretta Feil

Effective support

October 6, 2023

BluePlumule Belt has been helpful to me to control hip pain.I use it when doing any physical activity including golf, walking and standing.It fits beneath my shorts or trousers.It is a belt, so you should expect the area to get warm or even hot, particularly on hot days or if exercising hard.I would rather not wear it , but that’s not really an option for me if II wish to keep active

Avatar for Tebogo Mohale
Tebogo Mohale

Comfortable and does the job

October 6, 2023

Fits snugly, doesn’t move like many others. Comfortable.

Avatar for Serena Hammes
Serena Hammes

Good hip supporter.

September 27, 2023

I use BluePlumule Belt mainly to support my hip injury and worked well. By the way it works for men also.

Avatar for Mauricio Cassin
Mauricio Cassin

Very helpful for back pain cause by a bulging disc

September 20, 2023

BluePlumule Belt is very helpful for relieving pain from a bulging disc. It’s simple to use by just putting on the belt and tightening the straps on either side, but the simplicity just makes how well it works stand out even more.

Avatar for Nick Mabena
Nick Mabena

Helps my lower back pain and instability

September 19, 2023

I’ve had ongoing back issues since I was in a car accident twenty years ago. BluePlumule Belt has really helped when I have a flare up of pain. It stabilizes the lower back and allows me to walk and bend much more comfortably. The belt is easy to put on and the Velcro strips make adjusting it super easy.

Avatar for Flavia Obol
Flavia Obol

Definitely Helping

September 12, 2023

This is so comfortable that I honestly forget that I’m wearing it. I put this on once I’m starting to get any sort of twinge or ache in my lower back and wear it for several hours at a time. It is absolutely helping with any pain or discomfort. Now, with that being said, if I don’t get to it in time, it doesn’t totally get rid of pain, but significantly helps.

Avatar for Azubuike Oluwashina
Azubuike Oluwashina

Sciatic Pain

September 11, 2023

Have been using for week or so. Seems to be providing some relief.

Avatar for nosipho van Niekerk
nosipho van Niekerk

Really helps with hip pain

September 10, 2023

I ordered this BluePlumule Belt because as I’ve gotten older, I have pain in my hip joints. This belt really helps ease the pain, securely supporting my movements. The belt is very well made and easily adjustable, with more than one level of adjustment. The velcro holds tight and the brace stays in place, right where I need the support.

Avatar for Jane Richards
Jane Richards

Excellent size for shorter people

September 8, 2023

I was looking for a brace that didn’t go all the way up my back and this works perfectly! I’m pretty short and other braces I’ve tried went up above my waistline… not good. This one doesn’t. It fits true to size that’s shown in the description. I like the black and white color, it has a clean look. The velcro has excellent grip and it’s easy to adjust. The material is pretty breathable and hasn’t caused any skin irritation. I’ve washed it on a gentle cold cycle and then laid it to dry and there were no issues with shrinking or pilling. I’ve also had success in using it to hold on an ice pack, works great!

Avatar for Stephanie Ndebele
Stephanie Ndebele

Offers great support

September 7, 2023

This belt offered a lot of support. It was comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.

Avatar for Sameedha Dada
Sameedha Dada

Amazing help

September 7, 2023

after two children and carrying them on my hip so much I started with a niggling back, over the past year it has got worse and was always having to take ibuprofen.Saw this belt and have been wearing it for two weeks I have seen a massive difference to my pain which I can’t believe one of the best thing I’ve ever purchased Thankyou

Avatar for Bianca Gerber
Bianca Gerber

So helpful!

September 2, 2023

I was in a car accident in 2017 that has left me with unrelenting sciatica and lower back/hip pain. I have other joint conditions, as well so I have yet to find out if the issue I have with my hip joint coming out of its socket is related to the accident but all I know is that I wish I got this belt sooner!! My word..does this thing help. The belt, itself, is well made. It does not move around once I strap it into place. I was concerned that since it would be sitting on the actual hip joints (as opposed to the waist or lower pelvis) that it would move around when I walk or sit but it doesn’t! It really helps with pain. It doesn’t alleviate it completely but it keeps my joint from slipping out of place AND it lessens my nerve pain by at least 25%, sometimes up to 50%. Those of you with chronic pain will understand how much 25% really is.I definitely recommend this belt. I have not used any other brands so I can’t comment on whether or not this one is similar but if you’re looking at this one and you feel like the price is too good to be true, I can definitely say it is not!

Avatar for Lexi Richards
Lexi Richards

Works! High Quality and Great Value!

September 2, 2023

Just as described. Works and is a really good quality belt. Heavy duty and very comfortable. I like the inside being a perforated neoprene material that is very comfortable and keeps the belt in place. It doesn’t roll up, or move at all. Does it job well. I can even sleep in this belt it’s so comfortable.

Avatar for Edgar Welch
Edgar Welch

Product is very good just that It was not my size.

September 1, 2023

Product is very good just that It was not my size. I will need a bigger size than the one I purchased

Avatar for Lee Kelly
Lee Kelly


August 30, 2023

My son has pain in his back from work, this product helps him a lot, it offers relief, I like it because it has the option to squeeze according to your size, he is bigger than me, but I can still use it by adjusting the pressure more. Excellent

Avatar for Alison Nortje
Alison Nortje


August 27, 2023

I am absolutely delighted with the Belt Sciatica Brace. As someone who has been struggling with lower back and hip discomfort for quite some time, this product has been a game-changer for me. The level of pain relief and support it provides is truly remarkable. The compression belt not only targets my sciatic nerve pain but also offers excellent support for my sacroiliac joint and pelvic area. I especially appreciate the thoughtful sizing options – being in the medium-large range (32-47 inches), it fits perfectly and stays in place without any discomfort. Whether I’m going about my daily activities or even during my pregnancy, the Belt Sciatica Brace has consistently proven its effectiveness. To anyone seeking a reliable solution for sciatic pain or lower back issues, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this product a try.

Avatar for Delilah Volkman
Delilah Volkman

Comfortable sciatica belt with tightening straps

August 24, 2023

It’s pretty amazing to me how much better my back can feel with just a little care. Adding pressure with this belt makes me feel supported and able to move a little more freely. I like how the side adjustments can be tightened after the belt is on. It feels like neoprene, and I do get a bit sweaty from it, but if that is the price to pay for relief, then so be it! I’ve been learning more about the sacroiliac joint lately from physical therapists and this belt is a nice aid with that.

Avatar for Wale Olutola
Wale Olutola

Great fit and comfortable

August 23, 2023

I have a hard time finding a belt I like and this one is a great and is super comfortable to wear all day

Avatar for Florence Patel
Florence Patel

This one really helped

August 22, 2023

Had pain in the left hip for quite a while, then I was advised that I had an unstable pelvic floor and to get hold of a pelvic belt.This is the second one that I used. I wore it for longer and mostly all the time than I expected to have to wear, but then, the day came, when I no longer needed it, I simply forgot to use it. That’s the best way of healing, isn’t it.Now, I wear it sporadically.As regards applying it, this pelvic belt is a bit more awkward to put on, as there are no proper handles to take the counter stretch ribbons off the velcro. And the velcro sticks strongly together. Anyone with not so much strength in hands and arms might struggle using this pelvic belt. Its width though feels what did the trick for me.

Avatar for Pearl Natukunda
Pearl Natukunda

It helps with lower back pain😃

August 21, 2023

I got this to help with my lower back pain after an accident I had a few months ago, it has helped so far👍🏻

Avatar for Benjamin Jackson
Benjamin Jackson

Instant relief

August 20, 2023

I’ve always wondered if these worked. Easy to put on. Instant relief. Really helped me. Wore it around and didn’t even notice it was there.

Avatar for Lulu Munyagwa
Lulu Munyagwa

Supports hips and lower back

August 20, 2023

I got this belt to help with my hip and lower back pain. It wraps snugly around the hips to give support to the sacroiliac joint in the pelvis. I can feel some relief as soon as I put the belt on. It is very easy to put on. There is a belt that sits around the hips and it has two velcroed straps that allow you to pull it as tightly as you need for support. It is very comfortable. I would definitely recommend.

Avatar for Anshu Doshi
Anshu Doshi

A little thick but finally the right brace for the back pain just above my hip bone.

August 19, 2023

I have scoliosis plus the last lumbar vertebrae are fused together.Most back braces or chair back supports focus much too high togive me good relief of the pain in my extreme lower back. This bracehelps more than others I’ve tried and does not squeeze my mid sectionunnecessarily.My waist is 32″ so I’m right at the low end of the listed size and Ican still adjust the stretchy part to get it firm enough without theleft and right velcro ends touching at the center. I was worried thatwould be a problem but it isn’t.PROStacky inside so doesn’t slip muchless than 4″ from top to bottom (see photos with tape measure)CONSnot that thin so can see it under some clothesnot that breathable so the area gets hot

Avatar for Rodolfo Abbott
Rodolfo Abbott

Nice and tight, holds well

August 18, 2023

When my sciatica is acting up I like to put a wrap like this on super tight to alleviate the pain and still allow me to do regular tasks. The other one I had would pop off every time I bend over. Not the case with this brace, so I give it a 5 star rating! Note I wear a 34″ belt. Be sure to measure where you plan to wear this, as it really is a maximum of 47 inches. Down lower on the thighs that 47 inches were all used up despite my 34″ belt size.

Avatar for Amparo Dickinson
Amparo Dickinson

Comfortable great support

August 17, 2023

I got this to replace an older one that wore out, ripped and stretched out. After wearing for two days I’m pleased with with si- belt. It has better features than my previous one. I like that it’s only 4” wide. It has two bands, an inner black band that’s soft has perforations for ventilation. Also has non slip feature to keep in place. The Velcro closure is slightly narrower as to not irritate your skin. The striped outer band you can pull as tight as you need to meet your comfort needs. I like it tight. I got the m/l 32”-47” hip. I’m 36” andthis fit very well. I have a compressed disc and this helps reduce my pain so I can go about my day. I wear when gardening, on a rocking boat, hiking etc. very well made.

Avatar for Chris Mason
Chris Mason

Easy to wear, Fits well, Helps sciatica issue

August 16, 2023

As someone with many nerve/muscle/bone pain issues, a product like this was new to me. I typically use back supports/braces, but this one goes around your lower waist/hips and it helps keep things aligned. I was shocked with how something as simple as this could help alleviate this nagging pain I get from sitting in a chair to long. If you know what I mean, then you understand, it’s a bothersome pain that goes down your leg from you tailbone down.The belt itself is made neatly, soft material, straps tightly, nicely adjustable, and is thin enough to wear under many types of clothes. I don’t really have anything bad to say about it, the price being around $20 USD is fair and the relief it gives me far better than the pain relievers could dream of doing.As for sizing it, keep in mind the measurement of your hips area when ordering, not your waistline… unless you plan on only using this on your lower back/waist. I choose the size that I measured around me and it fits perfectly, so I think the size listings are true.

Avatar for unathi Bekker
unathi Bekker

It appears to actually help

August 16, 2023

I’ve been using BluePlumule Belt for two days so far, and have had no sciatic pain flair ups. Normally I would start to get pain down my right leg after sitting for more than 30 minutes. This has had a huge impact on my life, and if this brace continues to help, that will literally be life changing.As far as the quality goes, it feels durable and made of breathable material. It’s a little weird to get used to wearing it, as you have to wear it below the waist to get the best results. According to the instructions, you should wear this below where you would normally wear a belt, so that took a little getting used to.I have a 40 inch waist and got the M/L version for 32-47 inch, it easily fits me. It’s very elastic, but I would say if you’re close to a 47 inch waist, get the next size up to be safe. Without stretching it, it barely fits around my waist. There are two separate bands, one secures it to your body, the second set (one on each side) tightens it to apply pressure to the nerves. I found it difficult to get it so tight that it was uncomfortable, but be aware that it is possible and it shouldn’t be painful to wear.

Avatar for Ursula Orishaba
Ursula Orishaba

Lightweight, flexible, and strong

August 16, 2023

I have tried belts like this before, but this one is more flexible than others I have tried. I put this on this morning, and it has helped me walk around with less pain than usual.It is stretchy and the velcro holds in place really well. The back does not have rigid reinforcements, that might mean a little less support but it makes it easier to sit down and it does not poke you in the back.This belt helps with lower back pain when you are standing or walking.

Avatar for Musa Ebubechukwu
Musa Ebubechukwu

Comfortable support

August 15, 2023

What I like most about this over other similar products is the range of size. The regular size wraps around me nicely with enough “extra” belt to overlap. My other one fits but no room for flexibility if I wanted to put it over bulky clothing. The fit is supportive, yet still stretchy enough to be comfortable. I have sciatica and I do feel like it supports my body.

Avatar for Lina Osiki
Lina Osiki


August 15, 2023

After using large back braces for many years I was surprised to find a much smaller brace which was just as effective in relieving back pain while standing and walking long distances. One big advantage was that it is worn very low approximately where a belt is normally worn. This is more comfortable than having a tight belt pressing on your stomach, especially when eating a meal. This was a good find.

Avatar for Lesley Considine
Lesley Considine

Soft material yet really feels firm on the hips!

August 13, 2023

BluePlumule Belt is true to size and feels firm when worn and adjusted per the nice instructions. It is very easy to use and can be worn on either the outside or inside of clothing. It is soft and flexible (which makes it super comfortable) while still able to be firm and tightened to do its job effectively. Unlike other SI belts I’ve tried, this one does not shift when I get up or down or move around due to a thin foam liner that keeps it in place. It puts pressure on just the right spot to handle sciatic pain, many other types of lower back pain, and even my occasional issues with a tight IT band. Nice product!

Avatar for Giles Moen
Giles Moen

It really Works !

August 13, 2023

I have no idea how a belt can eliminate Sciatica but it does ! I have bouts of Sciatica from time to time and normally just put up with the sharp pain or sit on the couch and do nothing , But from the moment i put this belt on it was like a light switch , It took the pain away .

Avatar for Augustina Maryjane
Augustina Maryjane

Great back belt

August 13, 2023

Really impressed with BluePlumule Belt and its size enables you to wear without it showing. Really helped my back with golf and cycling

Avatar for Gillian Henning
Gillian Henning

Belt helps with lower back pain

August 13, 2023

I got BluePlumule Belt for my grandmother who suffers from lower back pain when walking and to give her support and help her get up and sit down. She didn’t want something too thick and bulky and wanted to be able to wear the belt under her clothes. She was so excited to try it out and wasn’t disappointed. She loves the feel and look and non bulkiness this belt provides. It really provides her the support she was looking for and it is much easier for her to get around while wearing it. Great quality item!

Avatar for Jess Spinka
Jess Spinka

A great waist belt for short people

August 12, 2023

I love these, Im short waisted so regular back braces come up too high and go too low. So for people like me yay it fits. I know its meant to use on your hips but I love it on my waist. My husband uses it for his bad hip socket

Avatar for Jessica Rau
Jessica Rau


August 11, 2023

BluePlumule Belt is used to stablize my hip and SI JOINT. helps reduce pain when moving.

Avatar for Estelle Roberts
Estelle Roberts

Works great

August 10, 2023

Wow, this works much better than expected. I was visited by an unwanted visitor and it usually gives me lower back pain due to endometriosis. I put this belt on and it is adjustable, so you can control the pressure you like. And WOW I could not believe it help so much with the lower back pain. This is definitely worth getting! While wearing this I don’t need as man pain pills for the lower back pains anymore.

Avatar for Hank Boehm
Hank Boehm

Pain relief

August 10, 2023

A bit slow coming.Fitted nicely around my lower back and seemed to support the hip lower back area.Pain is nearly gone after using a couple of hours each day.It is not needed all the time .Certainly worth the cost.

Avatar for Jasmin Chandra
Jasmin Chandra

Prompt and timely delivery👍👍

August 3, 2023

A quick response and timely delivery.A very good product.Thank you so much

Avatar for Jermey Gulgowski
Jermey Gulgowski

Lower back brace

July 31, 2023

Not as wide as my other ones so it’s cooler to wear here in Florida! Works great!

Avatar for Binita Soni
Binita Soni

Seems ok

July 18, 2023

Have been using still checking it out seems to have made some improvements

Avatar for Susan Obol
Susan Obol

Great for hipand lower back pain

July 16, 2023

BluePlumule Belt was recommended by my physical therapist for my SI joint pain. I found it to be very helpful and wear it when I’m doing heavier work.

Avatar for Roxanne van der Merwe
Roxanne van der Merwe

arrived quickly, works well, very comfortable.

July 8, 2023

disliked the interuption to my review in this review.

Avatar for Jolayemi Mobolaji
Jolayemi Mobolaji


July 2, 2023

I have had sciatic issues on my right side on and off for years. Found this and when it is acting up I find this helps. No one can tell you are wearing it as well.

Avatar for Mowgli Halder
Mowgli Halder


June 18, 2023

Seems to be good quality as I’ve seen in the internet. Now just waiting for the health benefit.

Avatar for Marcos Howell
Marcos Howell

It works

June 7, 2023

When I wear this BluePlumule Belt helps my lower back and hips. At the end of the day I feel great and am able to crack my lower back which was not able to for a long time. It helps to wear daily. I have no complaints at all.

Avatar for Rasheedah Kayode
Rasheedah Kayode

It works!

May 29, 2023

My husband bought BluePlumule Belt based on what he read. He was working in the yard when it was delivered. He said it was a good time to try it, and it helped his back feel better.

Avatar for Keira Murphy
Keira Murphy

Work like I had hoped it would,

May 25, 2023

Work like I had hoped it would, help with my sciatica pain, and my slip disc that I have at the bottom of my spine. Easy to adjust comfortable to wear. I wear it on my body and pull up my underwear all right because I don’t want to take it off every time I would have to go to the ladies room. but if you’re doing exercise or anything that’s going to cause you to get heated it can stick a little bit to your skin because it has like a rubber membrane on the inside so it doesn’t slip on you. Also have to make sure your pants are not super skin tight or they may not fit over this, definitely check the waist measurements on this because this is not for a very large person at all, I did feel like it stabilized my pelvis for me. And my S1 joint. But I’d like to put this out there I was having a lot of pain down in my ankle and I thought it was coming off my spine and that may have been a small contributing factor but I found out I have Achilles fasciitis, and that I also have arthritis in that foot and ankle, I ended up buying over-the-counter orthotics for the fasciitis and I put them in every shoe I have my slippers and amazingly it was helping with my back pain and I have very little pain in my ankle anymore, This took a few weeks to help repair my foot, This took a few weeks to help repair my foot I even went for PT which didn’t help at all. I was becoming debilitated by 3:00 in the afternoon from walking on my foot all day trying to do my house work and errands etc. driving. So if this helps anyone I hope that it does. just food for thought.I am a dancer and now I can dance after weeks of using the orthotics almost pain-free.

Avatar for Kgomotso Potgieter
Kgomotso Potgieter

Sciatica relief

May 9, 2023

I’ve had BluePlumule Belt for more than two weeks. It does seem to be giving me comfort. I can recommend this product

Avatar for Dante Thiel
Dante Thiel


April 26, 2023

Great quality , really helps a bad back , very happy with it , even ordered another one for my brothers back ❤️❤️

Avatar for Courtney Clarke
Courtney Clarke


April 20, 2023

BluePlumule Belt is unbelievably awesome. So much relief the moment I put it on. I’m very pleasantly impressed!

Avatar for Schuyler Kassulke
Schuyler Kassulke


April 17, 2023

Bought for my daughter who is a hairdresser and has a niggle in her back. Ended up trying it myself as I have general aches and pains and found it helpful.

Avatar for Flavio Gutkowski
Flavio Gutkowski

As described

April 13, 2023

Works as described. It fits well under clothing and seems to be helping.

Avatar for Benjamin Miller
Benjamin Miller

Use for low back support

April 9, 2023

I use BluePlumule Belt for low back support when I’m working.Very comfortable and holds very well.

Avatar for Rebecca Russell
Rebecca Russell

Love my belt

April 3, 2023

Wearing the BluePlumule Belt every time I feel pain, and I feel instantly better.

Avatar for Sibongile Hughes
Sibongile Hughes

The velcro holds great!

March 18, 2023

BluePlumule Belt does exactly what it says it will do. It very much helps my sciatica. The only problem I have is it is not belly friendly! I have to lose this sucker! Lol!

Avatar for Kyle Rogers
Kyle Rogers

Brilliant for my sciatica

March 11, 2023

For work I either sit a lot or have to travel and walk a lot and this has really helped with my back pain. I would highly recommend this and already brought another one which I gifted as I think this is a brilliant product

Avatar for Chloe Nitzsche
Chloe Nitzsche

Hip Belt

January 14, 2023

 This is the second belt I have ordered for my wife. It provides her a measure of pain relief and hopefully is warding off other problems while she is healing. We are wearing out the first belt, and the new one is working well too. We did buy a wider one from another company, but this one seems to work better for her pain relief. We wear it for sleep too. This belt helps tighten up my loose hips. I felt instant relief after I put it on. Since the pain is more from her left hip, she can use the elastic secondary belt to give more compression on that side.

Avatar for Graciela VonRueden
Graciela VonRueden

Very supportive for my back and helps me be pain free all day standing at work

January 6, 2023

Really good support for my lower back Si joint problem and helps me be pain free all day at work especially when standing a lot. I wish I had heard of this belt sooner!

Avatar for Laura Byaruhanga
Laura Byaruhanga

Worked great relieving my SI Joint pain

January 4, 2023

Have a Sacro Illiac joint disorder which causes chronic and intense pain. This relieved it when worn all day. Yet comfortable enough to wear during yoga (yes I wore it ALL day). I did not sleep in it. Took a few weeks of wearing and then my SI Joint pain was dramatically better. Great product.

Avatar for Lucie Kawooya
Lucie Kawooya

Worth recommending

January 3, 2023

BluePlumule Belt gives me great support and Is very comfortable. It has been very helpful and I would highly recommend this Socratic belt.

Avatar for Addie Steuber
Addie Steuber


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