5 Best Massage Balls for Muscle Pain (2024)

If you’re after a way to relax those tight muscles and unwind, think about giving massage balls a try. They’re super handy for folks from athletes to folks who spend their days in an office chair, aiming to ease pain and get more flexible.

When you’re picking out a massage ball, keep a few things in mind: the size, how it feels on your skin, and what others have said about it. Smaller ones are awesome for targeting specific spots, while the bigger ones cover larger muscle areas. If you want a more intense massage, go for a textured ball; for something gentler, opt for a smoother surface.

We’ve done our homework—tested and researched—to come up with a list of top-notch massage balls. We want to help you choose the right one that fits your needs.

In this post, we’ll talk about where massage balls fit into your workout routine and how they can sort out those pesky pains.

We’ll dive into why these balls actually work, how to use them effectively, and how to figure out which one suits you best!

Best Massage Balls 

1. Tumaz 3-in-1 Set

Tumaz Massage Ball & Foot Roller 3-in-1 Set with Spiky Ball, Lacrosse Ball, Massage Roller - Ergonomic Design to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Massager for Deep and Superficial Muscle Pain

The Tumaz 3-in-1 Set is a standout among massage ball sets. It comes with three tools: a 2.5-inch lacrosse-style ball, a 2.8-inch hard plastic spike ball, and a 6.3-inch x 3-inch bumpy, oblong roller.

The lacrosse-style ball is firm enough to target tough muscle groups without feeling too harsh. It’s odor-free and comfortable on the skin. The spike ball has rigid spikes, perfect for tackling stubborn plantar fascia issues. The oblong roller, made from phthalate-free PVC, is extra firm with a bumpy surface, ideal for feet, spines, and even IT bands if you’re up for a bit of a challenge.

We believe the Tumaz 3-in-1 is the top choice overall, but its intense textures might be too much for some. Even the softest part, the lacrosse-style ball, is firmer than other options we tested. It’s best suited for those seeking an all-over body massage. These tools are durable and perfect for targeting tense areas.


  • Great for whole-body massages
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Well-built


  • Might be less gentle for some people

2. The TriggerPoint MobiPoint

TRIGGERPOINT PERFORMANCE THERAPY MobiPoint Textured Massage Ball for Targeted Foot Pain Relief, (2-Inch)

The TriggerPoint MobiPoint stands out with its unique design and impressive functionality for deep self-massage. At just 2 inches, this spiky ball targets smaller muscle groups exceptionally well. Smaller balls excel at releasing knots in these areas compared to larger muscle groups like quads or hamstrings. It’s fantastic for tackling connective tissues in the feet and the notorious piriformis.

What’s great is its grippy texture—it stays put without attracting pet hair or dust. Plus, it’s easily washable without losing its texture. And the best part? It’s priced lower than most, offering excellent value.

However, being smaller and spiked limits its versatility compared to more traditional balls. Its all-plastic build makes it firmer than silica-based options. If you want a versatile ball for both small and large muscles, you might prefer something like the Tumaz 3-in-1 Set. But if you seek an affordable, powerful tool specifically for smaller muscle groups, the MobiPoint is a solid pick.


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for detailed work


  • May be too small for some areas
  • Less versatile

3. The TriggerPoint Foam MB1

TRIGGERPOINT PERFORMANCE THERAPY Foam Massage Ball for Deep-Tissue Massage, MB1 (2.5-Inch)

The TriggerPoint Foam MB1 is a delight for our tight muscles. Its EVA foam offers a gentle yet effective self-massage experience, striking the right balance between comfort and effectiveness. Its soft, sturdy foam works wonders on various body parts, catering to different preferences due to its flexibility.

However, compared to other options, its durability is a bit lacking. Being foam-based, it’s susceptible to scratches and marks. Despite this, it maintained its shape well during our rigorous testing. But, it’s not dog-proof—chewing can damage it. Cleaning is also a tad tricky; while it can be wiped, submerging it in water isn’t advisable.

Despite these drawbacks, it’s a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a versatile, ergonomic, and gentler massage ball.


  • Gentle on the body
  • Highly adaptable to different body parts
  • Ergonomically well-designed


  • Less durable
  • Not the easiest to clean

4. Epitomie Fitness Muscle Max

Epitomie Fitness Muscle Max Massage Ball - Therapy Ball for Trigger Point Massage - Deep Tissue Massager for Myofascial Release - Mobility Ball for Exercise & Recovery

The Epitomie Fitness Muscle Max is a 3.2-inch ball designed with deep grooves and a firm rubber body. It’s slightly heavier than similar balls, weighing 6.5 oz, yet remains quite portable. Its high-density rubber delivers a strong and forceful muscle release, aided by the grooves that ensure a thorough, deep massage. The textured surface helps the pressure reach deep into the muscles and offers a reliable grip on hardwood surfaces. Plus, it’s a durable option that doesn’t collect dust or pet hair, a boon for pet owners.

However, its intensity might not suit everyone. If you prefer a gentler touch, this might be too much. It’s especially intense along the spine due to its hard-packed feel. But for those seeking an intense massage, especially athletes who subscribe to a “no pain, no gain” philosophy, this is the ball for you. Despite its higher price, its durability makes it a worthwhile investment.


  • Very sturdy
  • Excellent grip
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Doesn’t attract pet hair


  • Might be too aggressive for some users

5. TriggerPoint MB Vibe

Triggerpoint Grid Vibe Plus Massaging Foam Roller + MB Vibe Massage Ball

The TriggerPoint MB Vibe is our top pick for a vibrating massage ball. Its high-density silicone shell offers a bit of cushioning for sensitive areas, and its three vibration settings provide a customizable experience. Plus, it holds a charge longer than similar options and comes with an easy-to-access charging port. The battery level indicators ensure you’re never caught off guard by a fading charge. We love using it for larger muscle groups, whether placed under the body or pressed into muscles with our hands. The vibrations reduce the need for intense pressure, catering to those seeking a more relaxing massage.

However, it has some expected downsides. It’s notably heavier at 22.01 ounces and larger, measuring 4 inches in diameter. Its size limits versatility, as larger balls work best on bigger muscle groups. Vibrations might feel uncomfortable on leaner parts of the body. Plus, it’s an investment due to its higher price tag. But if you’re in the market for a top-tier vibrating self-massage tool and the size, weight, and price aren’t issues, this is a fantastic choice.


  • 3 vibration settings
  • Soft exterior
  • Long-lasting charge


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Pricey
  • Vibrations might be uncomfortable on smaller areas

How to Choose the Right Massage Ball?

When picking a massage ball, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Consider these key factors to find what works best for you:

  1. Size: Small balls suit hands and feet, while larger ones work for bigger muscle groups like quads and back.

  2. Texture: Smooth balls are gentle on sensitive spots, while spiked ones mimic a human touch and harder ones target deep muscle pain.

  3. Strength: Hard balls release trigger points but might be too intense. Softer ones are more comfortable but might not ease deep pain as effectively.

  4. Durability: Opt for quality to ensure it lasts with repeated use and can handle pressure.

  5. Grip: Make sure it stays put on the floor to prevent accidents during use.

  6. Price: Battery-powered or vibrating ones are pricier ($55-$150), while a textured average-sized ball costs $25-$55. Basic ones range from $7-$25.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a massage ball?

A massage ball, also called a trigger point ball, is a small ball about the size of a fist. People use it to massage deep into tight spots in their muscles’ soft tissue. Typically, it’s a hard ball, often similar to a lacrosse ball. These balls can be really useful for working out tight knots in muscles and massaging the fascia, which is the connective tissue around muscles.

How to use a massage ball?

using a trigger point ball involves applying pressure to reach deep into your muscles. You can do this by pressing the ball against the floor or a wall with your body weight, letting gravity help you apply the pressure.

Once you’re set, make small circular movements with the ball while pressing on it to roll over your tense muscles. For instance, to work on the plantar fascia in your feet, stand on the ball with one foot and gently shift your weight as you roll it around your arch.

For hard-to-reach spots on your back, place the ball between you and a wall, then move in small circles while slightly leaning your body up and to the side. Similarly, to target tight spots in your calf muscles, use your hand to roll the ball around, putting pressure on the muscle to feel the benefits.

Do vibrating massage balls work?

Vibrating massage balls have different speeds and can help relax tight muscles and fascia.

They’re great for massaging the back, calves, feet, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and neck.

But keep in mind, they might be a bit uncomfortable to use because they don’t have foam padding.

Are spiky massage balls better?

Spiky massage balls aren’t really better, just different!

A soft, spiky ball applies gentler pressure compared to a regular massage ball.

A hard, spiky ball can give a deep tissue massage, but it might be a bit uncomfortable or painful.

What are the benefits of using a massage ball?

A massage ball brings lots of good stuff. It boosts blood flow, helps you move better, eases muscle tension and soreness, and amps up relaxation. Plus, it’s a handy and affordable way to tackle achy spots on your own, giving you relief right when and where you need it, no appointment necessary.

How often to use a massage ball?

If you’re feeling sore, you can use a massage ball twice a day on those tender areas.

After using the ball, it’s helpful to do some stretches to help the muscle return to its natural position and improve how far it can move.

How long to use a massage ball?

It’s best to use the massage ball in short sessions, around 15-60 seconds at a time.

Use it until your muscles loosen up, then take a break. You can do a second round for 15-90 seconds if needed.

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