BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt Reviews: Scam or Legit?



A few months ago, I had constant lower back pain that made even simple tasks difficult. I searched online for solutions but found many empty promises.

Then, on a forum for back pain sufferers, I saw a user’s positive review of the BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt. He talked about his own struggle with back pain and how this belt had helped him. Intrigued, I decided to learn more.

As I read more about the FlexiBelt, I became more convinced. It stood out with its personalized support and endorsements from chiropractors. So, I ordered one for myself.

When it arrived, I was impressed with its quality and clear instructions. As I put it on, I could feel the gentle yet firm support it provided. I wore it daily, and over a few weeks, my pain decreased, and my posture improved significantly.

Having used the BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt for 3 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt?

The BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt is a cutting-edge solution for back pain. It offers precise back support that molds to your body’s contours, addressing discomfort.

What makes it unique is its personalized fit, adapting to your body shape for tailored support without restricting movement.

It also promotes better posture, reducing strain and preventing future pain. Plus, it’s highly durable, ensuring long-lasting relief from back pain.


BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt Review

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How Does It Work?

The FlexiBelt acts as an external ligament to stabilize the lower spine, specifically the Sacroiliac Joint, which can cause discomfort. This stabilization restores normal joint motion, reducing pain.

It targets the sciatic nerve and spinal discs with dual compression zones, alleviating pressure and pain.

Medical compression in the hip area enhances blood flow, aiding healing. This approach helped reduce sciatica, lower back, and hip pain over time.

How to Use BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt

Here’s how I use the BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt:

  1. Put on the FlexiBelt: Lay the BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt flat, step into it, and position it around your lower back. Ensure it’s snug but not too tight for comfortable movement.

  2. Adjust for Comfort: Use the adjustable straps to personalize the fit according to your body shape and comfort preferences.

  3. Wear It Daily: Commit to daily use, whether at work, during errands, or physical activities, for the best results.

  4. Enjoy Relief and Improved Well-Being: Consistent use will reduce back pain, enhance posture, and increase mobility. Continue wearing as needed to maintain well-being and prevent back pain.

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BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt – Before and After Results

Before I started using BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt, I had a lot of pain in my lower back that made everyday tasks really hard. Even simple things were painful, and my posture was bad.

But now, after wearing the FlexiBelt for three months, everything is so much better. The pain is gone, and I feel really comfortable. My posture has improved a lot, which means I’m less likely to have back pain in the future. I feel confident and free to move around without pain.

The BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt has changed my life, and I’m really happy with the results.

What I Like

  1. Effective Pain Relief: The FlexiBelt quickly reduces lower back pain, sciatica, hip discomfort, and SI Joint problems with just a few hours of daily use.

  2. Customizable Fit: Its adaptable design provides a personalized fit, suitable for various body types, ensuring comfort and support tailored to your needs.

  3. Improved Posture Support: Regular use helps maintain proper posture, reducing the risk of posture-related back pain and contributing to long-term back health.

  4. Enhanced Mobility: The elastic materials allow freedom of movement during daily activities, exercise, and outdoor pursuits.

  5. Chiropractor Endorsement: Endorsed by chiropractors, offering added credibility and confidence in its effectiveness.

  6. Cost-effective Alternative: A cost-effective alternative to expensive medical treatments, saving both money and time.

What I Don’t Like

  1. Requires Consistent Use: To achieve benefits, daily and consistent use of at least two hours may be necessary, which can be challenging for busy individuals.

  2. Not a Medical Substitute: It complements but should not replace medical advice; consulting a healthcare professional is essential, especially for specific medical conditions.

  3. Individual Results Vary: Results vary among users due to factors like condition severity and consistency of use.

  4. May Not Address All Issues: While designed for specific back issues, it may not address every possible problem, so caution is needed for unique or complex conditions.

  5. Adjustment Period: Some users may require an adjustment period to get used to wearing it regularly, but most adapt quickly as they experience benefits.

Is BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt a Scam or Legit?

BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt is legit. I’ve personally used it and it effectively relieves back pain. Real customers love it too, with an average rating of 4.9/5 from over 18,736 users.

Chiropractors recommend it, making it a trustworthy solution with its innovative design and proven results.

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1. Is FlexiBelt suitable for everyone?

FlexiBelt is designed for various body types and back issues, making it suitable for many individuals. However, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional if you have specific medical conditions.

2. How long should I wear FlexiBelt each day?

For optimal results, it’s recommended to wear FlexiBelt for at least two hours daily. Consistent use is key to reducing back pain and improving posture.

3. Is FlexiBelt a substitute for medical treatment?

FlexiBelt complements medical advice but should not replace it. If you have specific medical conditions, consult with a healthcare professional for guidance.

4. Can FlexiBelt help with posture improvement?

Yes, regular use of FlexiBelt promotes better posture by reducing strain on your back, contributing to long-term back health.

5. Is FlexiBelt backed by professionals?

FlexiBelt is endorsed by chiropractors, adding credibility to its effectiveness in relieving back pain.

6. Where can I purchase BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt?

To ensure you receive an authentic product and access customer support, it is highly recommended to purchase FlexiBelt from the official retailer store.

7. What results can I expect with FlexiBelt?

Results may vary based on individual factors such as the severity of the condition and consistent use. However, many users experience rapid relief from back pain and improved well-being.

BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 87 reviews)
Very good10%

I can't believe I love wearing this!

January 28, 2024

I resisted buying an SI belt for a long time, but I’m so happy I finally did. I love the support it gives, and most of the time I don’t even know I’m wearing it. Yes, it’s kind of a pain to have to take it off every time I go to the bathroom (I like wearing it over my clothes best), but the comfort it gives me makes it worth it.

Avatar for Claude Hayes
Claude Hayes

Best one out there

January 27, 2024

I’ve been looking for this for a long time. Best one you can find. I wish you make white color too.

Avatar for Pearl Akankunda
Pearl Akankunda

Amazing brace how sweet thou art!

January 18, 2024

I only got this because my PT gal said I really should get one. I put it on and thought it really didn’t seem to make a difference. Let me tell you, as soon as I took it off. Wow was I wrong, it makes a huge difference. If you have SI issues, this baby is gonna help – not cure your issues. But certainly give you some relief.

Avatar for Abimbola Chibuike
Abimbola Chibuike


January 17, 2024

This is just a little awkward to put on but worth it. It was comforting to my lumbar spine when I had sacroiliac pain.

Avatar for Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson

I needed this

January 16, 2024

BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt arrived remarkably quickly, just two days after I placed my order. I’ve been struggling with severe SI joint problems that have caused immense pain, but I can’t stress enough how much of a game-changer this belt has been. It offers crucial support to my pelvis, pulling it in and providing stability. The agonizing SI joint pain had me concerned about my ability to continue with my daily activities. Additionally, the belt doesn’t impede my performance at work. I highly recommend giving it a try, especially considering its fantastic price compared to other products in the market. And remember, when ordering, you don’t need to size up as the sizes are accurate.

Avatar for Mohamed Petersen
Mohamed Petersen


January 14, 2024

I have sciatica from my last pregnancy and it’s never fully gone away. I notice when I work out that it flares up so I decided to try this belt. I’m 125lbs and the medium fit perfect. It didn’t rise up during my workout and it really supported my back. During my treadmill run I didn’t have the tingles down my leg that I usually have and I was able to run for longer. This will definitely help me with my fitness goals.

Avatar for Catharine Kansiime
Catharine Kansiime

Excellent fit and support

January 9, 2024

I bought two other SI belts at the same time. This one was by far the best. It is a little wider so it gives better support and stays in place better. The wider band covers a bit more tummy so you have less sausage effect than the others.

Avatar for Nicole Van Rooyen
Nicole Van Rooyen

Love this Belt

December 31, 2023

This belt works perfectly, put it on and right away my hips and legs feel great, more strength walking than without the belt, price is great and it’s super effective.

Avatar for Carmen Morris
Carmen Morris

Good quality

December 20, 2023

This was delivered quite speedily & we are very happy with the quality of the product. Price was very good.

Avatar for Kelebogile Fourie
Kelebogile Fourie

I didn't know how much I needed this!

December 15, 2023

My hips have been painful lately, likely due to being on my feet for 12-hour shifts and compensating for an old injury, causing sciatica pain. I ordered this belt thinking, “Why not?” I am certainly glad I did! I thought it would ride up. It does not. It stays put ALL DAY. I thought it would be uncomfortable. It is not. In fact, it’s MORE comfortable than wearing nothing at all. It fits under my jeans. It stays on over leggings. I wear it over shorts and under scrubs. It feels really supportive and I notice a difference when I take it off. My hips hurt less, which means my back hurts less. I plan to order another one so I can have a backup.I wear a size 8/10 in most brand bottoms, which i think equates to a supposed 30″ waist, and the medium fits me well. There’s room to grow (hopefully I don’t!), but I could also lose a few pounds and I think it would still fit.

Avatar for Ursula Hayes
Ursula Hayes

Very Supportive

December 7, 2023

BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt supports my back. It also is invisible under clothes.

Avatar for Katie Gray
Katie Gray

Fits perfectly 👌

December 7, 2023

This support belt fits comfortably, it’s stylish and I like how it feels , really good quality too ., I feel as though I’ll have this for a long time

Avatar for Onome Bello
Onome Bello

Excellent Back Support

December 7, 2023

This product is fantastic. Its low-profile design and durable Velcro make it stand out. Upon incorporating this belt into my routine, I noticed a significant improvement right away. Wearing it, my back began to feel better immediately. Even when I tighten it to its maximum on me, I can still breathe and bend comfortably. The double straps are a great feature; the large flaps make it easy to secure around you, while the smaller straps allow you to achieve the desired tightness effortlessly. It doesn’t require much force to get it really tight, and the tightened straps contribute to excellent back support. This belt has been instrumental in reducing lower back discomfort during tasks that involve bending or lifting.

Avatar for Cameron Simpson
Cameron Simpson

Provides support, not bulky, comfortable

December 2, 2023

This product is great for someone who is active and needs help stablizing their hips and SI joint. it is comfortable and effective.

Avatar for Myrtis Schmitt
Myrtis Schmitt

A Supportive Ally

December 2, 2023

The anti-slip design adds to the effectiveness of the belt. The grip ensures that the belt stays securely in place, even during movement or extended periods of wear. This feature is particularly important for those with active lifestyles or jobs that involve a significant amount of movement, offering reliable support throughout the day.The adjustable nature of the belt allows for a customized fit. This adaptability ensures that individuals of different shapes and sizes can find the optimal level of compression and support. The versatility makes it suitable for various body types and stages of recovery, accommodating the unique needs of each user.

Avatar for Cleve Greenfelder
Cleve Greenfelder

No Title

November 27, 2023

Excelente producto, recomendable, resistente. funcional

Avatar for Kirsten Bell
Kirsten Bell

so perfect!

November 23, 2023

 This is exactly what I was looking for. It is the perfect size. I got the Medium, though I usually wear a women’s XL in pants. So, don’t let that fool you. This could even fit someone a little larger than me. I love the extra bands that allow you to pull it tighter once you have it on. It feels great and gives wonderful support.

Avatar for Hailey Murray
Hailey Murray

Belt Bliss: Garden Hero Chronicles

November 20, 2023

Saw it online, thought, “Just a belt, no cap,But let’s give it a go, take a quick snap.”Arrived yesterday, surprise, it’s the real deal,Looked like the ad, not a phony spiel.Lights and filters, often enhance the charm,But this belt’s legit, no need for alarm.Today in the garden, leaves all around,Bending and picking, that’s where it’s found.Belt got my back, supported the grind,Thin and adjustable, just my kind.Working outdoors, it’s a winning glove,This belt’s the hero, my garden love.Thin-width wonder, perfect for my frame,Bending, no strain, that’s the aim.Adjustable tightness, suits my need,Supporting my waist, that’s the deed.Fall leaves galore, a garden tale,Belt’s got my back, it’ll never fail.Working hard, this product’s the dove,Gardening buddy, sent from above.Looks aside, it’s function supreme,In love with this belt, that’s not a dream.Surprised me well, it’s a win for sure,Garden work made easy, that’s the lure.To sum it up, it’s a good buy, I’d boast,A belt that delivers, front to coast.In love with this product, no push or shove,Garden game strong, thanks to my belt love!

Avatar for Gbeminiyi Habeeb
Gbeminiyi Habeeb


November 4, 2023

I have purchased two. I am a massage therapist and have SI joint issues. I was struggling throughout the day with pain after working on a few clients. This belt has allowed me to see more clients without pain. It is definitely a game changer for me and I have referred several clients to purchase this belt.

Avatar for Adrian Lind
Adrian Lind

Definitely works.

November 4, 2023

Definitely works.Would not recommend it for heavy work that requires a full back brace.Recommend it when not doing heavy work or for everyday back support or back pain relief.Instead of using a heavy back brace ( the type used in construction) this brace is more discreet and manageable when using lighter clothing while providing back support and relief.Happy with product and seller.Recommend it.

Avatar for Aditi Lachman
Aditi Lachman

No Title

November 1, 2023

Me ayuda mucho con mi problema de la asiática , me bajo el dolor de un 10 a un 4

Avatar for Monica Gottlieb
Monica Gottlieb

Comfortable fit

October 29, 2023

My physical therapist advised me to get an SI joint belt to stabilize my hyper mobility. I am very petite and needed the belt to fit 30 inches over the pelvic bones. I am happy to say this belt works for me. It is not too bulky when wrapped securely around me and the top straps work to cinch it even more. The Velcro is strong and will adhere to the position (the user needs it for his/her size. The backside grips well and the belt stays mainly in place. It is well made. For around $15, this belt is definitely worth a try. Only time and frequent use will determine if it loses its shape/stretch and how well the Velcro will hold up. I will re-visit my review at a later date. For now, I give this belt 5 stars.

Avatar for Demarcus Murray
Demarcus Murray

This adjusts easily and very sturdy with good Velcro. Belt does not ride like other belts do

October 28, 2023

The only issue is if I put it right on my skin it does sweat just a little

Avatar for Bethany Young
Bethany Young

Love this belt

October 23, 2023

I’m very thin and this belt fit perfectly! Plus it’s adjustable by pulling the elastic straps. You can make it as loose or as tight as you want. I wear it too the gym for extra hip flexor support.

Avatar for Lillian Schuster
Lillian Schuster

Feels great on

October 23, 2023

I like how it relieves my lower left back and hip pain. It is comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The velcro makes it adjustable to whatever size you need. I wear it in top of my pants around the house, but hide it when I wear it out of the house.

Avatar for Zama Loubser
Zama Loubser

No Title

October 21, 2023

Bin absolut zufrieden und hilft echt bei Beschwerden, stabilisiert den Rücken und man fühlt sich sicherer.

Avatar for Annelie Baur
Annelie Baur

Very good product at a very reasonable price.

October 17, 2023

Had it for about 2 weeks now. Very comfy and provides good SI support. Low profile, not bulky, not obvious under clothing. Wearing it throughout the day, both inactive with active exercise (hiking, biking), stays in place well.

Avatar for Jacobus Blignaut
Jacobus Blignaut

Try it on: it helped me; might help you

October 16, 2023

This belt is so worth trying: easy to wear, cost effective, gives me support on lower back. Wearing it, I sustain more than before during an active day with walks, standing, and some baby sitting

Avatar for Max Koss
Max Koss

Stays Put

October 15, 2023

Tho I have 3 different SI belts, I like this one best for when I am active. It offers great support and IT STAYS IN PLACE… riding up or down!

Avatar for Savion Pollich
Savion Pollich

Product meets expectations.

October 12, 2023

I bought this product because I was experiencing lower back pain partially due to SI joint issues. The extra support from this product provided relief and was comfortable to wear.I only wore it while my low back was recovering from the pain and inflammation (approximately a week). I plan to use it when I do leaf clean up and other chores that tend to cause me low back issues for support.I am retired and mostly wore it at home. I live in workout clothes. It does not lay totally flat but is not noticeable underneath most workout tops. While it is breathable it can get wet if you wear it for long periods of time due to body heat. I also worked out on an elliptical at the gym and wore it. It was comfortable, and did not rub or interfere with my movement. It was very easy to tighten and stayed tightened even throughout exercising.I haven’t had it long enough to remark on durability but so far I am happy with my purchase.

Avatar for Gudrun Harber
Gudrun Harber


October 11, 2023

I can wear this all day and my back loves it! Errands, housework, etc. I don’t have to sit for 30 minutes to rest between jobs.

Avatar for Paxton Kohler
Paxton Kohler

Really help with low back pain

October 9, 2023

I’ve tried other back braces before but they never helped. Decided to try a belt that would sit lower on my back since that’s where the pain is. This stays up and I can wear it under clothes if I’m at work. Cleaned my house today and I feel great, for a change. I tried a more expensive belt that was actually painful. This feels good. Give it a try.

Avatar for Carissa Kagambira
Carissa Kagambira

Good quality; works well

October 7, 2023

BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt is good quality and is providing good support and pain relief

Avatar for Mary Adams
Mary Adams

Comfortable and does the job

October 6, 2023

Fits snugly, doesn’t move like many others. Comfortable.

Avatar for Kalpit Basu
Kalpit Basu

It's just like it is advertised.

October 4, 2023

I have spinal stenosis. It is very comfortable and does not slip on clothes or skin. Just what I needed.

Avatar for Bharat Kaul
Bharat Kaul

Good hip supporter.

September 27, 2023

I use it mainly to support my hip injury and worked well. By the way it works for men also.

Avatar for Bahadur Mehta
Bahadur Mehta

Great fit

September 25, 2023

Great fit. Does the job, durable, good value for the money.

Avatar for Kelly Atuhe
Kelly Atuhe

The belt is nice, love it.

September 24, 2023

The BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt gives good support. It fits nicely under your clothes (unless you’re wearing something tight)

Avatar for Andreane Wintheiser
Andreane Wintheiser

Works so well!

September 23, 2023

I absolutely love this BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt. For the last 3 years I’ve been getting my nerves burnt so I was out of pain and to avoid major surgery. Of course the name of the procedure is not called burning your nerves it’s more technical however that’s the just of it. It worked for me for 4-5 months at a time well, I found this belt to see if it would prolong my process of procedure and it has relieved my pain to almost zero if I use it when I get flair ups(pain) even if I have to sleep with it. Buy it because it works and you’ll love it too!

Avatar for Sekinat Uchechi
Sekinat Uchechi

This is the best

September 23, 2023

I’ve had several SI joint support beltsThe last one was $80, and somehow I lost it???So I’ve been using another one that isn’t asAnd finally decided to get another oneBased on the reviews of this one, I ordered itAnd it is even better than the $80 one!!It’s simple easy to use comfortable and I get relief as soon as I put it onI’ve been able to do some pretty heavy, hard work on my house these last few weeks and wearing this belt has made all the difference🙏

Avatar for Ardith Kunze
Ardith Kunze

Very useful for Pelvic pain during pregnancy

September 20, 2023

BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt helped my pelvic pain immensely during pregnancy. it was so easy to use and was very comfortable, whether sitting or walking.

Avatar for Bette Lowe
Bette Lowe


September 19, 2023

This was a lifesaver while I was pregnant and working on my feet

Avatar for Isobel Harris
Isobel Harris

Life saver

September 9, 2023

Was facing a 14 hour flight + long travel before and after. Don’t know how I would have done without it. Saved my trip. Kept pain away for many, many hours. Thank you!

Avatar for Shakira Durgan
Shakira Durgan

Amazing help

September 7, 2023

after two children and carrying them on my hip so much I started with a niggling back, over the past year it has got worse and was always having to take ibuprofen.Saw this belt and have been wearing it for two weeks I have seen a massive difference to my pain which I can’t believe one of the best thing I’ve ever purchased Thankyou

Avatar for Alpa Kothari
Alpa Kothari

As advertised

September 5, 2023

BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt is adjustable with the tightening straps. Comfortable even when I had to have it against my skin. Great for walking or riding my bike.

Avatar for Davonte Ziemann
Davonte Ziemann

Works! High Quality and Great Value!

September 2, 2023

Just as described. Works and is a really good quality belt. Heavy duty and very comfortable. I like the inside being a perforated neoprene material that is very comfortable and keeps the belt in place. It doesn’t roll up, or move at all. Does it job well. I can even sleep in this belt it’s so comfortable.

Avatar for Napoleon Monahan
Napoleon Monahan

So helpful!

September 2, 2023

I was in a car accident in 2017 that has left me with unrelenting sciatica and lower back/hip pain. I have other joint conditions, as well so I have yet to find out if the issue I have with my hip joint coming out of its socket is related to the accident but all I know is that I wish I got this BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt sooner!! My word..does this thing help. The belt, itself, is well made. It does not move around once I strap it into place. I was concerned that since it would be sitting on the actual hip joints (as opposed to the waist or lower pelvis) that it would move around when I walk or sit but it doesn’t! It really helps with pain. It doesn’t alleviate it completely but it keeps my joint from slipping out of place AND it lessens my nerve pain by at least 25%, sometimes up to 50%. Those of you with chronic pain will understand how much 25% really is.I definitely recommend this belt. I have not used any other brands so I can’t comment on whether or not this one is similar but if you’re looking at this one and you feel like the price is too good to be true, I can definitely say it is not!

Avatar for Brianne Von
Brianne Von

flexibility of tension

September 1, 2023

like being able to add additional tension to the belt.

Avatar for Kubra Oyelude
Kubra Oyelude


August 31, 2023

It works i used mostly every day when i go to work it helps to don’t stress your low back I’m so happy for this product i feeling better everyday ,i willkeep using it .

Avatar for Anabel Dibbert
Anabel Dibbert

Helps my back pain!

August 28, 2023

my PT person recommended this kind of product for my lower right back pain – it really has helped. I highly recommend it. It does get a bit warm in our Texas heat.

Avatar for Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy

Great product

August 24, 2023

My husband is very happy with this product to help with his back.

Avatar for Lue Cole
Lue Cole

Good quality and workmanship.

August 20, 2023

The quality was as stated, I have piriformas syndrome in my hips along with bulging arthritic disc in my lower back.The support and non slip surface keeps my sacrum supported.Would buy again.

Avatar for Micaela Kemmer
Micaela Kemmer

Great fitting belt

August 17, 2023

I love this belt, comfortable, but sometimes it is a little too wide.

Avatar for Stacey Tumwiine
Stacey Tumwiine

No Title

August 14, 2023

Ich habe eine Wirbelsäulen OP vor mir und kann seit Wochen vor Nervenschmerzen kaum laufen,der Gürtel hat meine Schmerzen minimiert,ich trage den Gürtel erst seit 3 Tagen und bin überglücklich

Avatar for Johanna Ehlers
Johanna Ehlers

Great back belt

August 13, 2023

Really impressed with this and its size enables you to wear without it showing. Really helped my back with golf and cycling

Avatar for Ifunanya Hanifat
Ifunanya Hanifat

A great waist belt for short people

August 12, 2023

I love these, Im short waisted so regular back braces come up too high and go too low. So for people like me yay it fits. I know its meant to use on your hips but I love it on my waist. My husband uses it for his bad hip socket

Avatar for Berry Kitovu
Berry Kitovu

Hip belt

August 11, 2023

It does exactly what I need it for. I have other big belt but this is modest enough to help with hip an lower back pain. I love it.

Avatar for Danie May
Danie May


August 11, 2023

BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt is used to stablize my hip and SI JOINT. helps reduce pain when moving.

Avatar for Phoebe Bbosa
Phoebe Bbosa

MYgo to belt my lifesaver

August 10, 2023

I wear my belt under my scrubs n noone knows unless I yell them about it I love it

Avatar for Dennis Moonsamy
Dennis Moonsamy

This really work great

August 9, 2023

Love this belt it worked when I first put it has been a life saver it is worth every penny I’m so happy with it.

Avatar for Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes

Great belt

August 6, 2023

I like that it helped me with my sciatica. I was hard for me cut my yard because I always had to stop because my sciatica would hurt really bad. But after using the belt I was able to finish cutting my yard without stopping. Great product.

Avatar for Muhammad Vandervort
Muhammad Vandervort

Get support and comfort.

August 6, 2023

I really like this belt. It gives you a lot of support and comfort. It does take some pain away for me. I however have a bad injury so I would think someone else may get total relief. I got the black belt. The belt fits perfectly under clothing, or you can wear over top of your pants/ shorts., whatever. I do that at home when exercising and cleaning. It helps a lot. I may get another one, so I can wash this one and still have it when I need it. All in all I am very satisfied with my purchase of this support belt. Hope you will be too!

Avatar for Jagruti Bains
Jagruti Bains

Great work well

August 5, 2023

Just received my belt but it on ,I was in so much pain right now no pain am walking up right please go a buy your

Avatar for Mike Phiri
Mike Phiri

Prompt and timely delivery👍👍

August 3, 2023

A quick response and timely delivery.A very good product.Thank you so much

Avatar for Ken Wilson
Ken Wilson

Back Pain Relief

August 3, 2023

I wore this one day and my back stopped hurting! Worked great for me. 😊

Avatar for Karen Baker
Karen Baker

It works

August 2, 2023

I’m blown away how well this product works. I’ve spent over a thousand dollars on chiropractors, Massage therapy, acupuncture you name it to tame my sciatica issues. The first time I put it on I felt results immediately. I wear this lifting weight’s, playing golf and around the house if I feel pain. The fit is excellent and I wear it under my shirt. It’s not uncomfortable against my skin.

Avatar for Tebogo Henning
Tebogo Henning

Lower back brace

July 31, 2023

Not as wide as my other ones so it’s cooler to wear here in Florida! Works great!

Avatar for Claude Kuhlman
Claude Kuhlman

It does help

July 30, 2023

It takes the pressure away from the leg and lower back

Avatar for Derrick Byanyima
Derrick Byanyima

Reviews were correct!!

July 27, 2023

Bought this for my husband but it fit me so well, I kept it. Really relieves my lower back pain better than creams & pain patches!!

Avatar for Shade Adeoluwa
Shade Adeoluwa

Eases back and hip pain.

July 20, 2023

My physical therapist suggested it. This thing relieves so much tension and pain on my hip and lower back. I highly recommend it to anyone with back and/or hip pain!

Avatar for Myrtice Howell
Myrtice Howell

Nice Compact Support

July 19, 2023

Due to golf and tennis had a hip issue! Cured issue but now use this as a back brace for a little extra support during my sports

Avatar for Kim Kanshabe
Kim Kanshabe

Seems ok

July 18, 2023

Have been using still checking it out seems to have made some improvements

Avatar for Akunna Okonkwo
Akunna Okonkwo


July 16, 2023

This belt is easy to put on and very comfortable… it is very comfortable to walk in and work with.. I have shared with family and friends, now they are wearing them!! 👍

Avatar for Martin Claassen
Martin Claassen

It works

July 13, 2023

Since I am getting old and crumbly, this works to help me stand comfortably while I cook or complete other tasks around the house. It’s been helpful.

Avatar for Timmy Abayisenga
Timmy Abayisenga

arrived quickly, works well, very comfortable.

July 8, 2023

disliked the interuption to my review in this review.

Avatar for Isioma Mustapha
Isioma Mustapha


June 18, 2023

Seems to be good quality as I’ve seen in the internet. Now just waiting for the health benefit.

Avatar for Keith Strauss
Keith Strauss

It works

June 7, 2023

When I wear BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt it helps my lower back and hips. At the end of the day I feel great and am able to crack my lower back which was not able to for a long time. It helps to wear daily. I have no complaints at all.

Avatar for Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall

Work like I had hoped it would,

May 25, 2023

Work like I had hoped it would, help with my sciatica pain, and my slip disc that I have at the bottom of my spine. Easy to adjust comfortable to wear. I wear it on my body and pull up my underwear all right because I don’t want to take it off every time I would have to go to the ladies room. but if you’re doing exercise or anything that’s going to cause you to get heated it can stick a little bit to your skin because it has like a rubber membrane on the inside so it doesn’t slip on you. Also have to make sure your pants are not super skin tight or they may not fit over this, definitely check the waist measurements on this because this is not for a very large person at all, I did feel like it stabilized my pelvis for me. And my S1 joint. But I’d like to put this out there I was having a lot of pain down in my ankle and I thought it was coming off my spine and that may have been a small contributing factor but I found out I have Achilles fasciitis, and that I also have arthritis in that foot and ankle, I ended up buying over-the-counter orthotics for the fasciitis and I put them in every shoe I have my slippers and amazingly it was helping with my back pain and I have very little pain in my ankle anymore, This took a few weeks to help repair my foot, This took a few weeks to help repair my foot I even went for PT which didn’t help at all. I was becoming debilitated by 3:00 in the afternoon from walking on my foot all day trying to do my house work and errands etc. driving. So if this helps anyone I hope that it does. just food for thought.I am a dancer and now I can dance after weeks of using the orthotics almost pain-free.

Avatar for Laura Turner
Laura Turner

Sciatica relief

May 9, 2023

I’ve had this BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt for more than two weeks. It does seem to be giving me comfort. I can recommend this product

Avatar for Hannes Ally
Hannes Ally


April 26, 2023

Great quality , really helps a bad back , very happy with it , even ordered another one for my brothers back ❤️❤️

Avatar for Aliya Kihn
Aliya Kihn


April 17, 2023

Bought for my daughter who is a hairdresser and has a niggle in her back. Ended up trying it myself as I have general aches and pains and found it helpful.

Avatar for Chelsea Beatty
Chelsea Beatty

As described

April 13, 2023

Works as described. It fits well under clothing and seems to be helping.

Avatar for Jasper Atwine
Jasper Atwine

Love my belt

April 3, 2023

Wearing the BeltShopia™ FlexiBelt every time I feel pain, and I feel instantly better.

Avatar for Nutan Som
Nutan Som

Brilliant for my sciatica

March 11, 2023

For work I either sit a lot or have to travel and walk a lot and this has really helped with my back pain. I would highly recommend this and already brought another one which I gifted as I think this is a brilliant product

Avatar for Edwin Tumwiine
Edwin Tumwiine

Very supportive for my back and helps me be pain free all day standing at work

January 6, 2023

Really good support for my lower back Si joint problem and helps me be pain free all day at work especially when standing a lot. I wish I had heard of this belt sooner!

Avatar for Chukwu Aigbiniode
Chukwu Aigbiniode

Worked great relieving my SI Joint pain

January 4, 2023

Have a Sacro Illiac joint disorder which causes chronic and intense pain. This relieved it when worn all day. Yet comfortable enough to wear during yoga (yes I wore it ALL day). I did not sleep in it. Took a few weeks of wearing and then my SI Joint pain was dramatically better. Great product.

Avatar for Kara Schultz
Kara Schultz

Worth recommending

January 3, 2023

It gives me great support and Is very comfortable. It has been very helpful and I would highly recommend this Socratic belt.

Avatar for Daanish Patil
Daanish Patil


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